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What’s Better Than Willpower?

When you find yourself wishing that you had more willpower, consider this:

  • Stress depletes willpower.
  • Suppressing emotions depletes willpower.
  • Making decisions depletes willpower.lab240

*Willpower* is not what you need, and it won’t sustain you.

What is more helpful is what I call “willingness.”

Are you willing to walk away from that sweets table so that you can feel good leaving the party?

Are you willing to pass *it* up for now?

Are you willing to wait until you are actually hungry and so you can enjoy and savor?

Are you willing to feel a little bit uncomfortable because that donut shop is calling your name?

Are you willing to feel your feelings instead of stuffing them with food?

If you can find your point of willingness, to make even the slightest change…then you have some breathing room.

“Even though I really want ______ I choose to be willing to let that go for now…”

The Z Point Process: The One-Word Mantra You Can Use To Stop Overeating

stop_eatingI once worked with a woman in one of my groups who only wanted to focus on the positive.

It “worked” for her, in the sense that focusing on the positive made her feel good and helped to keep her mood stable.

Even though she had experienced major losses and a nasty divorce, she didn’t get stuck dwelling on the past.

But not everyone can let go of the past so easily.

Our minds function much like a computer, with one glaring exception.

There’s no delete key!

The brain remembers and stores everything that happens to you. When everything is working smoothly, information is taken in and processed, so that you are ready for whatever comes next.

But when major stressors occur and everyday frustrations add up, we sometimes get caught in a loop, affecting us much like a computer virus. It slows us down, making us more tired and sluggish, showing more signs of overload and stress.

The problem with these loops is that it makes it hard to get through the day holding onto our good intentions.

That report did not get done by 3 p.m.? …Now I’m fatigued and heading to the vending machine to bribe myself to keep going and get through the day…

In the case of a computer, we can hit the delete key or restart the whole system to try to stop the “bad” behavior, and speed things up a bit.

But with ourselves, there’s no delete key…and taking a nap to refresh our systems in the middle of the day is usually frowned upon at work. If our thoughts get stuck in a negative loop, it’s not so easy just to delete or let it go.

When we pray or focus on a positive mantra, like my client did, we are asking for a change. We WANT to feel differently, so we can act differently…not the same old, well worn downward spiral.

Same with our minds.

If you ask your mind to do something for you, it will. This is the concept behind “Ask and Receive”

It’s why people use affirmations.

They feel good as long as you stay focused on them.

But they require a lot of focus and repetition.

Z Point is a simple technique that will help you automate the process. It sets the mind into action in a way that you specify.

The process of using a single word or phrase triggers a response.

Many people have used Z Point to help manage and “tone down” their emotional responses. With emotions under control, then food can just be food. Relationships improve. Habits improve. Thinking improves.

We humans may not have a delete key, but we do have spiritual technologies that help us to deal with excess emotions that muck up our systems.

It’s as simple as identifying the change you wish to create and repeating the “go” signal to let go of the past and step into your new future.

Mindless Eating: Stop The Habit Of Mindless Eating

Has mindless eating become a habit?

  • Has mindless emotional eating become a habit?mindless-eating
  • Is it hard to stop eating once you start?
  • Do you reach for food automatically?
  • Do you get so exhausted you don’t even enjoy what you eat?

Mindless eating is the exact opposite of what you want when it comes to losing weight. Even more important is feeling in control of your eating and yourself.

Mindful eating is ideal, but just being able stop mindless eating would be a tremendous help to stop this weight loss saboteur.

Habits can be tricky to deal with.  Some habits are beneficial to us, but others are unwanted and unhelpful. Habits are by definition “mindless” and some habits are great and we need them – we can’t consciously think about every single thing we do or we would go crazy. But when habits involve mindless eating, then it tends to be quite frustrating and even harmful. We all have mindless habits we’d like to change.

As difficult as it may seem, a habit is just a series of steps that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s like a program that starts running on your computer. Something triggers it to start, and it can run automatically. It can feel like you have very little control. This technique is designed to put more control back into your hands.

Join me to learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to break mindless eating habits.

Get mindless eating tips, learn about mindless eating products, a mindless eating ebook,  and download the mindless eating pdf (details to come in the mindless eating summary to follow the podcast.)


EFT Tapping Helps Weight Loss

eftvideos350EFT Tapping Helps Weight Loss:

Watch this quick EFT tapping video that shows one of the participants in the Feed Your Hungry Heart tapping film project discuss the changes she notices from daily tapping.

Listen for what changes “Missy” is noticing in her everyday life. Even small changes can add up to big results in the long run.

See if you can find all the different EFT tapping benefits that Missy is experiencing!

The EFT tapping technique is an incredible tool for all aspects of weight loss. Consistent and targeted EFT tapping can affect:

1. How you feel about yourself. Worthiness is a control center for every aspect of your behavior in every area of your life.

2. Tapping for Emotional Balance: Your emotional balance affects your food cravings and food choices.

3. What you choose to eat on a daily basis. Over time, the amount and type of foods that you choose makes a difference in your weight.

4. Reduce weight loss sabotage: Regular EFT tapping helps you to stop sabotaging your weight loss. After all, what good is weight loss if you keep sabotaging it?

5. Use tapping to make your diet and weight loss easier and more effective. Tapping to lose weight just makes sense!

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Tapping For The Weight Scale

Tapping for the weight scale: If you avoid weighing yourself because you don’t like what you see on the weight scale, then watch this short video to see how I recommend tapping to desensitize yourself.

Many people don’t like to weigh themselves because they feel bad if they don’t like what they see on the scale. I personally DO weigh myself almost every day just to make sure that I’m staying on track. It doesn’t bother me if I see my weight go up a lb. or 2 because I know that there are normal fluctuations, and I can usually trace it back to something I have eaten, so it teaches me about how my body responds to the foods I eat. And to me, it’s just feedback. That is the attitude you want to have.

But if it bothers you to step on the scale, then you are missing out on valuable feedback and you may have to desensitize yourself to it. Avoiding it does no good, because then you wait too long and you don’t realize how far off track you can get in a short time.

So here’s what I recommend.  Before you step on the scale, tap for anxiety and use this affirmation:

Even though I’m anxious, I choose my response with love.

Then step on the scale and no matter what it says – tap:

No shame – no blame.

Then step off the scale and tap:

I release unhealthy behaviors and dissolve them into light.

I love and forgive myself completely.

My weight is not my worth.

Continue to tap “no shame – no blame” throughout the day if it helps. And remember, whatever it says on the scale is just a number. It doesn’t have any meaning, except to point you in a direction. And it certainly is not a measure or your worthiness or unworthiness. So take it for what it’s worth and don’t give it any power to change your mood or ruin your day. If anything, it should motivate you.

I think it’s great for accountability – not for judging yourself, just for learning –and there is nothing worse than seeing your weight creep up on the scale. Avoiding seeing that does no good – that’s just resistance and fear. This series of videos will help you to use tapping to develop good habits, so sign up if you want to get more great video tips in your inbox.

EFT Weight Loss Film – Feed The Hungry Heart

EFT Weight Loss Film! Here’s a special sneak peek about a new EFT Documentary that I have been working on with Eric Huurre and EFT practitioner, Kay Phillips. In this interview, you’ll hear from Judy, one of the participants in the film, about her experiences so far.

It takes courage to tell your story, and to tell it on film for the world to see, it takes a lot of courage. In the interview above, you’ll hear from Judy, one of the participants in the upcoming film.

Judy has had a lot of trauma in her life.

She’s also had a lot of therapy …and been on a lot of diets.

None of them ever worked.

The missing piece of all those attempts was what she is learning now… how to deal with emotions.

Judy has a ways to go and her life isn’t perfect (whose is?)

She’s dealing with a painful relationship issue right now.

But this time, she’s not eating to mask the pain.

Hearing Judy’s story will encourage you.

She’s not done yet, as you will hear in the interview.

But after a few tapping sessions, she finds herself not finishing food she would have gulped down unconsciously in the past.

She feels healthier.She feels better about herself.

She feels more *connected* to life and to other people, and more comfortable in her own skin.

Weight issues can make you want to both  isolate yourself and *insulate* yourself from a world that can be harsh.

You can feel really alone.

When you lose weight by dieting, the reasons you overate are still there.

When you deal with your emotions and stress, often the numbers on the scale are the last things to change.

This can be frustrating, of course, but I think getting a permanent upgrade in how you feel about yourself is worth the wait.

We’re all walking around with undigested feelings. Weight loss is often the end result of processing and managing those feelings in a better way.

That takes some skill and a lot of support.When you start to feel better, you do better, and then things start to change.

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3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills

eft-ice-cream-cravings3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills: Consider these facts about emotional eating:

  1. Almost all diets are broken because of “emotional distress.”
  2.  Most overeating occurs in the state of “tense tiredness.”
  3.  The highest predictor of obesity is an environment of “uncertainty and insecurity.”

Emotional Eating can be disastrous to your body and to your confidence. In order to make progress, coping skills for eating disorders need to be firmly in place. Coping without food is not always easy at first. Tapping can help you curb  emotional eating, but there are other skills you can add as well.

Managing negative feelings and stress is an essential skill for weight loss. Whether you use tapping or not, you simply can’t keep weight off without being able to manage stress! Luckily, emotional eating coping skills are a set of skills you can learn, practice and improve over time.

If you often wonder “Why an I an emotional eater?” or “Why do people eat emotionally?,” listen to this audio to learn about the triggers for overeating and ways to cope without turning to food. You’ll learn to build eating and coping mechanisms right into your day.

Join me as I share 3 essential emotional skills for weight loss that can help make your tapping more effective.

Boost your emotional toolbox!

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EFT Tapping And Complaining

Watch this episode of the TV show “What Matters Most” as EFT Expert Karin Davidson is interviewed about how to use tapping. Toward the end of the video, she talked about how you can use tapping while you are whining and complaining to clear all the little daily stresses and annoyances that we all feel. Karin is an excellent EFT Trainer.

You may remember that I interviewed her on my EFT Weight Loss radio show here.

Please share this important video and let me know what you liked best in the comments!


Self Hate To Self Acceptance With EFT

self-acceptanceSo much of weight loss is about how you feel about yourself…

Are you overeating because of the overwhelming need to please others?

Are you ready to release the beliefs that keep you stuck, like “I am bad”…or “I am not worthy?”

Does your inner critic need to be retrained (or retired)?

Would you like to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you and stop giving yourself such a hard time?

Join me and my guest, Andy Hunt, to learn to change those limiting beliefs. Andy is author of “Getting Out Of Your Own Way: Finding and Releasing Unconscious Blocks with EFT”

WHEN: Thursday, March 7
TIME: 12 noon Eastern Time
CALL IN NUMBER:  (347) 215-6833

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