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EFT Weight Loss Guide

by Carol Solomon


When you find yourself wishing that you had more willpower, consider this:

  • Stress depletes willpower.
  • Suppressing emotions depletes willpower.
  • Making decisions depletes willpower.lab240

*Willpower* is not what you need, and it won’t sustain you.

What is more helpful is what I call “willingness.”

Are you willing to walk away from that sweets table so that you can feel good leaving the party?

Are you willing to pass *it* up for now?

Are you willing to wait until you are actually hungry and so you can enjoy and savor?

Are you willing to feel a little bit uncomfortable because that donut shop is calling your name?

Are you willing to feel your feelings instead of stuffing them with food?

If you can find your point of willingness, to make even the slightest change…then you have some breathing room.

“Even though I really want ______ I choose to be willing to let that go for now…”


stop_eatingI once worked with a woman in one of my groups who only wanted to focus on the positive.

It “worked” for her, in the sense that focusing on the positive made her feel good and helped to keep her mood stable.

Even though she had experienced major losses and a nasty divorce, she didn’t get stuck dwelling on the past.

But not everyone can let go of the past so easily.

Our minds function much like a computer, with one glaring exception.

There’s no delete key!

The brain remembers and stores everything that happens to you. When everything is working smoothly, information is taken in and processed, so that you are ready for whatever comes next.

But when major stressors occur and everyday frustrations add up, we sometimes get caught in a loop, affecting us much like a computer virus. It slows us down, making us more tired and sluggish, showing more signs of overload and stress.

The problem with these loops is that it makes it hard to get through the day holding onto our good intentions.

That report did not get done by 3 p.m.? …Now I’m fatigued and heading to the vending machine to bribe myself to keep going and get through the day…

In the case of a computer, we can hit the delete key or restart the whole system to try to stop the “bad” behavior, and speed things up a bit.

But with ourselves, there’s no delete key…and taking a nap to refresh our systems in the middle of the day is usually frowned upon at work. If our thoughts get stuck in a negative loop, it’s not so easy just to delete or let it go.

When we pray or focus on a positive mantra, like my client did, we are asking for a change. We WANT to feel differently, so we can act differently…not the same old, well worn downward spiral.

Same with our minds.

If you ask your mind to do something for you, it will. This is the concept behind “Ask and Receive”

It’s why people use affirmations.

They feel good as long as you stay focused on them.

But they require a lot of focus and repetition.

Z Point is a simple technique that will help you automate the process. It sets the mind into action in a way that you specify.

The process of using a single word or phrase triggers a response.

Many people have used Z Point to help manage and “tone down” their emotional responses. With emotions under control, then food can just be food. Relationships improve. Habits improve. Thinking improves.

We humans may not have a delete key, but we do have spiritual technologies that help us to deal with excess emotions that muck up our systems.

It’s as simple as identifying the change you wish to create and repeating the “go” signal to let go of the past and step into your new future.


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