Release And Receive

I've been working with a lot of my clients lately on releasing emotional blocks and allowing what they want to come into their lives.

One woman received an unexpected gift of $4700!

Releasing what you don't want is more than half the battle (poverty, scarcity, anxiety, extra weight, etc.)

A great way to release emotional weight and tension is to use Z Point alongside EFT.

But you also have to be open to receiving what you want. This requires connecting to an unseen force, taking specific actions and allowing whatever is available to you when you aren't resisting.

You can accomplish this in one nifty step by using the power words "What if."

Try tapping through these phrases:

What if I could release this extra weight and have a healthy, vibrant, slim body instead?

What if I could release this burden of stress, and have peace instead?

What if I could release this resistance, and have a flowing river of abundance?

What if I could release this struggle and replace it with joy, ease and grace?

What if I could release this doubt and uncertainty and allow peace and acceptance instead?

Ok – this is just to get you started! Post a comment with your favorite phrases, and don't forget to join me for the next Z Point Class!

EFT For Receptivity

No matter what your desire is, it’s a good idea to tap for openness and receptivity to allowing what you want to come into your life.

Even simple phrases as part of the setup statement can help. Here are some of my favorites:

Even though________, I choose to be open and receptive to all possibilities.

Even though I’m not sure what will happen, I choose to be receptive to abundance and love.

Even though it seems impossible, I choose to be open to the positive outcomes that are equally available to me.

Even though it doesn’t look good right now, I am open and receptive to good things happening in surprising ways.

Even though I can’t see it right now, I am open and receptive to finding a new way of thinking about this situation.

Here’s what happened with a client of mine. After tapping for receptivity, she received the following email from a friend.

Dear M.
I am buying a new truck, and I wonder if you might like to have my car.

Dear friend,
Well, I do need a car, but it depends on the cost.

Dear M.
Well for you M., 50 cents!

The irony is not lost on my client that as soon as she started focusing on receptivity, what she needed fell into her lap.

Hint: The key is to stay open, and unattached to the outcome.

In other words, have fun with it!

EFT: You Get To Choose

Most negative emotions are created by a state of mind. It might be a thought that you say to yourself, such as “this will never work for me.”

That’s powerful self-talk, because our thoughts and feelings affect our actions.

What will you do if you *think* it will never work?

Right! Nothing, or worse yet, sabotage yourself.

All of this difficulty is created by a state of mind, and guess what?

You get to choose your state of mind!

Here’s an example –

“I choose to be in a constant state of gratitude.”

Feel it ~ tap it in ~ see your life change.

More examples:

  • I choose to be in a constant state of peace.
  • I choose to be in a constant state of love.
  • I choose to be in a constant state of forgiveness.
  • I choose to be in a constant state of prosperity.
  • I choose to be in a constant state of wonder.

What do YOU choose?

Stress, Weight and Money

Here's the reason that I purchased Margaret Lynch's program on tapping for money blocks

I love it!
I have my own personal issues (revealed in this 3-minute video) that I struggle with in terms of success.

And money and weight have a LOT in common. That's why I wrote my own book on this topic, and why I need to stay sharp. 

Both of these areas tend to be emotionally charged – you have to keep working on them in lots of different ways. This program is a bargain, when you consider what it can do for you.

EFT and The Law Of Attraction

It is critical to pay attention to where you put your focus. If you are focusing on how much weight you need to lose, then according to the law of attraction, you are attracting more weight. (You get what you think about.)

If you are focusing on how much money you need, then you are focusing on what you don't have enough of.

Kind of a Catch 22, isn't it? It can be very challenging to focus on what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want. For weight loss, spend time focusing on the slim body you want to have — you don't have to have a crisp, clear image. It can just be a feeling . . . a felt sense . . . what your clothes would feel like . . . how you would feel inside at your ideal weight.

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Staying Motivated With EFT

I love the energy of the new year.

You may be starting on a new project or firing up your goals for 2007. EFT is a great way to stay motivated. A simple exercise is to write your goals on a sheet of paper and “tap them in” each night before bed. See if any resistance occurs. Do you hear any tail enders?

If your goal is to make more money, see yourself having it and repeat the goal in your mind as you tap. If any tail enders come up, tap on those right away. Try this set-up statement: Even though part of me isn’t sure I can __________, I choose to ALLOW ____________.

For instance: Even though part of me isn’t sure I can lose we.ight, I choose to allow myself to release the we.ight now.

Even though part of me doubts that I can earn this money easily and consistently, I choose to allow myself to relax in this belief.

By making EFT a regular practice, you are clearing your path to go straight to your goal. You’ll sleep better too!