Compulsive Eating and Binge Eating Quickly and Easily Eliminated With EFT

Psychologist Carol Solomon found a way to break her own binge eating and dieting cycle and now she teaches others this simple technique in a one-hour teleclass. For thirty years she had been searching for a shortcut to help people stop binging on unhealthy foods. Now, in one session binge eaters can learn to stop the vicious cycle of binging and dieting. Click here to read more.

EFT For Binge Eating

One of my readers wrote this to me last week: "My eating sugar desire is so hard to brake. I have noticed that when I am on my way to sugar, I donĀ“t think about that there is something called EFT. When I read the posts on your discussion site, I tap at the same time."

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques while you are tuned into your issues or challenges is a smart idea. In fact, you probably don’t even have to say the reminder phrases if you do that.

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