What’s Better Than Willpower?

When you find yourself wishing that you had more willpower, consider this:

  • Stress depletes willpower.
  • Suppressing emotions depletes willpower.
  • Making decisions depletes willpower.lab240

*Willpower* is not what you need, and it won’t sustain you.

What is more helpful is what I call “willingness.”

Are you willing to walk away from that sweets table so that you can feel good leaving the party?

Are you willing to pass *it* up for now?

Are you willing to wait until you are actually hungry and so you can enjoy and savor?

Are you willing to feel a little bit uncomfortable because that donut shop is calling your name?

Are you willing to feel your feelings instead of stuffing them with food?

If you can find your point of willingness, to make even the slightest change…then you have some breathing room.

“Even though I really want ______ I choose to be willing to let that go for now…”

How To Use Tapping To Stop Eating

Many people have difficulty stopping eating, once they start. The mind doesn’t like to take no for an answer. So if you are constantly telling yourself no, you are not only using up your willpower, but you are also reinforcing the problem.

Research has shown that if you tell yourself you can have it later, it operates in the mind a bit like having it now. It satisfies the craving to some degree, and can be more effective at suppressing the appetite than actually having the treat.

It takes willpower to turn down dessert, but apparently it is less stressful on the mind to say “later” than to say “never.” In the long run, you end up wanting less and consuming less. And ultimately, you have to get to the point where you want to eat less, because forcing yourself and depriving yourself will never work.

Negotiate with yourself. This is just being open to the idea or the possibility that even though you are thinking about food (and you can tap for the food thoughts too), or have the urge for something (i.e. you get triggered), doesn’t mean you have to have it right now. That equals less resistance, without fighting yourself or trying to control it.

Tapping Script: Here’s a script that I wrote for my Tapping Summit Workbook:

Use this script for strong urges to eat or difficulty stopping. It’s a way to acknowledge your feelings and offer yourself an alternative.

KC: Even though it feels like I have to have this, I love and accept myself anyway.
KC: Even though I want this _____________, I’m open to the possibility of letting it go for now.
KC: Even though I’m thinking about ________, I could choose to pass it up for now. (You don’t want to be locked in. You always want to feel like you have a choice.)

EB: It feels like I have to have it.
SE: This urge is so strong.
UE: I keep going back to the same old thing.
UN: I’m so mad at myself.
CH: It seems like I’ll never get over this.
CB: I must be getting something out of it.
UA: I keep doing the same thing.
TH: The urge feels so strong.

EB: What if I could interrupt this cycle?
SE: What if I could relax about this?
UE: What if I could do something else instead?
UN: I’m open to the possibility that this could be different.
CH: I’m open to the possibility that this could change.
CB: I may not quite be there yet, but that’s ok…
UA: I’m open to the possibility that I could let this go.
TH: Easily and without struggle.

Take a deep breath.

Rate your intensity on a 0-10 point scale: ____
Continue tapping, if needed.

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Above all else, be kind and gentle to yourself…Enjoy!


How NOT To Break An Ice Cream Habit

Recently I recorded a program for my audio club on using EFT for Night Eating with my colleague, Dr. Judy.  We did a demo on her (very real) habit of eating sweets at night.

When I asked for her feedback, this is what she wrote:

Just 2 nights ago, I was REALLY craving. I thought of you and DID tap. And I am not kidding, the desire went away, TOTALLY.

I said, “I am enough. I am full of life. I am already full. I feel happy. I feel satisfied. I feel full of life already.” Only a few seconds of tapping, too. Nothing long and drawn out. That was the best part.

And the next morning, I was really happy and proud of myself! And I decided ice cream is just too much of a trigger for me. So I will not be buying it for while.

I have tapped other times as well. here’s the interesting part. and it is naughty!

A couple times I KNEW it would work, so I didn’t tap! I WANTED to eat that ice cream and I did. I allowed it to fly by for two nights. Then the third night, after I had felt “full” emotionally, I tapped.

And I didn’t eat that time either, didn’t even want to.

There you have it! If you want to keep your night eating habit, just DON’T tap!

P.S. This could mean that you are psychologically reversed, in which case, you will NOT do what you know will help you . . . like tapping 🙂

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