Mindless Eating: Stop The Habit Of Mindless Eating

Has mindless eating become a habit?

  • Has mindless emotional eating become a habit?mindless-eating
  • Is it hard to stop eating once you start?
  • Do you reach for food automatically?
  • Do you get so exhausted you don’t even enjoy what you eat?

Mindless eating is the exact opposite of what you want when it comes to losing weight. Even more important is feeling in control of your eating and yourself.

Mindful eating is ideal, but just being able stop mindless eating would be a tremendous help to stop this weight loss saboteur.

Habits can be tricky to deal with.  Some habits are beneficial to us, but others are unwanted and unhelpful. Habits are by definition “mindless” and some habits are great and we need them – we can’t consciously think about every single thing we do or we would go crazy. But when habits involve mindless eating, then it tends to be quite frustrating and even harmful. We all have mindless habits we’d like to change.

As difficult as it may seem, a habit is just a series of steps that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s like a program that starts running on your computer. Something triggers it to start, and it can run automatically. It can feel like you have very little control. This technique is designed to put more control back into your hands.

Join me to learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to break mindless eating habits.

Get mindless eating tips, learn about mindless eating products, a mindless eating ebook,  and download the mindless eating pdf (details to come in the mindless eating summary to follow the podcast.)


3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills

eft-ice-cream-cravings3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills: Consider these facts about emotional eating:

  1. Almost all diets are broken because of “emotional distress.”
  2.  Most overeating occurs in the state of “tense tiredness.”
  3.  The highest predictor of obesity is an environment of “uncertainty and insecurity.”

Emotional Eating can be disastrous to your body and to your confidence. In order to make progress, coping skills for eating disorders need to be firmly in place. Coping without food is not always easy at first. Tapping can help you curb  emotional eating, but there are other skills you can add as well.

Managing negative feelings and stress is an essential skill for weight loss. Whether you use tapping or not, you simply can’t keep weight off without being able to manage stress! Luckily, emotional eating coping skills are a set of skills you can learn, practice and improve over time.

If you often wonder “Why an I an emotional eater?” or “Why do people eat emotionally?,” listen to this audio to learn about the triggers for overeating and ways to cope without turning to food. You’ll learn to build eating and coping mechanisms right into your day.

Join me as I share 3 essential emotional skills for weight loss that can help make your tapping more effective.

Boost your emotional toolbox!

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How To Use Tapping To Stop Eating

Many people have difficulty stopping eating, once they start. The mind doesn’t like to take no for an answer. So if you are constantly telling yourself no, you are not only using up your willpower, but you are also reinforcing the problem.

Research has shown that if you tell yourself you can have it later, it operates in the mind a bit like having it now. It satisfies the craving to some degree, and can be more effective at suppressing the appetite than actually having the treat.

It takes willpower to turn down dessert, but apparently it is less stressful on the mind to say “later” than to say “never.” In the long run, you end up wanting less and consuming less. And ultimately, you have to get to the point where you want to eat less, because forcing yourself and depriving yourself will never work.

Negotiate with yourself. This is just being open to the idea or the possibility that even though you are thinking about food (and you can tap for the food thoughts too), or have the urge for something (i.e. you get triggered), doesn’t mean you have to have it right now. That equals less resistance, without fighting yourself or trying to control it.

Tapping Script: Here’s a script that I wrote for my Tapping Summit Workbook:

Use this script for strong urges to eat or difficulty stopping. It’s a way to acknowledge your feelings and offer yourself an alternative.

KC: Even though it feels like I have to have this, I love and accept myself anyway.
KC: Even though I want this _____________, I’m open to the possibility of letting it go for now.
KC: Even though I’m thinking about ________, I could choose to pass it up for now. (You don’t want to be locked in. You always want to feel like you have a choice.)

EB: It feels like I have to have it.
SE: This urge is so strong.
UE: I keep going back to the same old thing.
UN: I’m so mad at myself.
CH: It seems like I’ll never get over this.
CB: I must be getting something out of it.
UA: I keep doing the same thing.
TH: The urge feels so strong.

EB: What if I could interrupt this cycle?
SE: What if I could relax about this?
UE: What if I could do something else instead?
UN: I’m open to the possibility that this could be different.
CH: I’m open to the possibility that this could change.
CB: I may not quite be there yet, but that’s ok…
UA: I’m open to the possibility that I could let this go.
TH: Easily and without struggle.

Take a deep breath.

Rate your intensity on a 0-10 point scale: ____
Continue tapping, if needed.

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Above all else, be kind and gentle to yourself…Enjoy!


EFT, Overeating and the Need To Please

The need to please other people can leave you feeling chronically exhausted, angry and resentful. In this article, Dr. Carol Solomon, specializing in using EFT for weight loss, shows how to use EFT to uncover core issues related to the links between overeating, being overweight, the need to please others and the impact on one’s own self esteem.

EFT, Overeating And The Need To Please

Mary had been having difficulty controlling her urges to eat sweets. When I asked her what was going on in her life recently, she said she was preparing for an upcoming trip. Mary had a bad knee and her husband had signed her up for some walking tours when they got to their destination.

When we examined the emotions behind this event, they centered on several themes:

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EFT and Ice Cream Cravings – Jannie’s Story

I teach a 3-week teleclass on “EFT for Weight Loss.” On the first call, I have people bring food to the call, so we can tap for cravings in the moment. After the first round, almost everyone’s craving was down, except 1 woman, who I’ll call “Jannie.”

Jannie was tapping on her craving for ice cream, although she didn’t bring it to the call because “unless someone delivered it as I dialed in, I would have eaten it the minute it came in the house!”

We tapped for cravings:

Even though I have this craving, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I really want this food right now, I deeply accept myself with compassion and grace.
Even though I have this urge to eat, I choose to find a new and surprising way to manage the craving.

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Free Z Point Ebook

Zpoint_book Click here to get the Introduction to Z Point book and sample recordings by Grant Connolly (all free).

Z Point is a simple technique that creates feelings of peace and serenity.

Since emotional distress is the main cause of overeating, Z Point is extremely helpful.

Grant will be my guest on the EFT Weight Loss show on Blog Talk Radio next week. Join us on October 21 at 12 noon Eastern Time.

More information on the show.

Learn more about Z Point

EFT Weight Loss – Emotional Overeating

I'm very excited to be offering a new EFT Weight Loss show on Blog Talk Radio. This show is made possible by the wonderful folks at EFT Radio Online. The first show is on September 23rd at 12 Eastern Time. We'll be taking live calls. You can listen live or listen on your computer.

The topic is emotional overeating and how you can use tapping to manage emotion and fatigue. There will be live tapping on the show, so be sure to listen in! It's free! Access the show here. The call in number is 347-215-6833.

EFT For *Deservingness*

Feeling *deserving* is often a missing element to achieving goals.

Carol Look wrote about neutralizing deserving issues for abundance, and Jasmine Bharathon offered tapping along with this a deserving prayer.

I was tapping with a friend the other day and the issue of “deservingness” (is that a word?) came up.

I was struggling to find some good wording that didn’t trigger resistance.

Phrases like “I choose to feel deserving” didn’t seem to quite get it.

The next day (of course :-), these words came to me:

I choose to allow these feelings to flow freely

and believe in my own worth and value . . . 

It seems that what is needed at times is to just allow fleeting thoughts and feelings to flow, rather than resisting or trying to change them . . . and then affirming our own worth and value.

This feels life-affirming to me, without triggering resistance . . . always a good combination!

Hope this helps . . .

With love,


EFT for Overwhelm

As I have had conversations with clients and friends recently, it occurs to me that almost EVERYONE feels overwhelmed with their lives. 

It’s just all too much! No wonder we turn to food, and other addictions –There’s no way to keep up with it all. 

Here’s how EFT can help:

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New Treatment For Emotional Eating

Stanford Engineer Gary Craig introduces a new do-it-yourself approach to Acupuncture that helps overweight Americans combat emotional eating. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) addresses emotional eating at the level of the energy meridian system (or Chi in Chinese Medicine). There is no talk therapy involved, no drugs, no special diets, and it often works when willpower fails. To continue reading, click here.