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Zpoint_book Click here to get the Introduction to Z Point book and sample recordings by Grant Connolly (all free).

Z Point is a simple technique that creates feelings of peace and serenity.

Since emotional distress is the main cause of overeating, Z Point is extremely helpful.

Grant will be my guest on the EFT Weight Loss show on Blog Talk Radio next week. Join us on October 21 at 12 noon Eastern Time.

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EFT Weight Loss – Emotional Overeating

I'm very excited to be offering a new EFT Weight Loss show on Blog Talk Radio. This show is made possible by the wonderful folks at EFT Radio Online. The first show is on September 23rd at 12 Eastern Time. We'll be taking live calls. You can listen live or listen on your computer.

The topic is emotional overeating and how you can use tapping to manage emotion and fatigue. There will be live tapping on the show, so be sure to listen in! It's free! Access the show here. The call in number is 347-215-6833.

EFT For Fatigue

We know that people sabotage themselves at the same time every day. Fatigue is a big factor in whether you stick to your plan or not. 

I've uploaded a free track of my EFT Night Eating CD.

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This CD provides relaxation 3 ways – the tapping itself, relaxing music and binaural beats (listen with stereo headphones to get the most benefit). 

You'll feel the effects almost immediately. (Do not use while driving!)

Binaural beats is the same technology used in high-tech Meditation CDS, where you can get the benefits of meditation just by listening to relaxing sounds.

Some people use these to deepen their sleep, and even get by on fewer hours of sleep.


Z Point And EFT For Emotional Upsets

It was one of those days.

My dog ate a tub of shredded coconut 🙂

And just 2 days before school started, my carpool fell through. The people in charge of scheduling the carpool simply left me off the schedule.

My daughter had no ride to school. I can't tell you how upset, shocked and angry I was!

How could this happen?

More importantly, what was I going to do?

As I scrambled to come up with another arrangement, I used Z Point and EFT to manage my emotions.Within a very short time, the emotional upset was gone, and I was able to think clearly about what I needed to do.

What is Z Point?

It's an emotional releasing technique, in which you can release a whole bunch of emotion all at once.

In the past, this is the type of situation that could have sent me to the refrigerator!

At the very least, it could have taken me DAYS to recover emotionally, and get on track with effective action.

I actually HATE carrying resentments, so EFT and Z Point are really helpful tools when "life happens."

I decided to use this situation as an opportunity to test my faith in the universe. So I released the emotions and resentment quickly, and waited to see what the universe would do to conspire in my favor 🙂

My husband and I coordinated our schedules to do the driving ourselves.

And yes . . . the night before school started, I got a call from a neighbor, who asked, "Does your daughter need a ride to school? My son can drive her."


Had I been caught up in the emotion of how "unfair" it was for me to be left off the carpool schedule, I would not have been able to act so quickly to find another solution.

And the truth is, I had been dreading that carpool! So the universe came up with a much better option than I could come up with on my own.

A key, key, key piece of this story is being able to release the emotional charge so quickly, so I could do my part.

Here's to feeling peaceful . . .

Easy EFT Stress Reducer

When you find yourself in a tense or stressful situation, here's a quick way to reduce the tension.

Start at the Sore Spot or KC, and repeat a positive affirmation while tapping on each point. Breathe deeply as you tap, and your stress will be reduced in no time.

One of my favorite affirmations is: "Out of this experience, only good will come."

The great thing about this affirmation is that it's easy to accept and it doesn't deny reality. It doesn't deny that the situation you are facing may be uncertain or even grim at the moment. So it is less likely to trigger resistance. You are affirming that you are open to the possibility of a positive outcome. If resistance does arise, use EFT to erase those competing thoughts.

Choose an affirmation of your choice. I like "the world in conspiring in my favor" and "I have everything I need."

Once the tension is reduced, you can think more clearly and focus on the situation at hand.

Affirmations are underused and misunderstood. Read what Gary Craig has to say about the missing piece of the affirmation process and how he lost 30 lb. using this technique. Then put this powerful tool to work for you.

EFT for Stress Eating

Got stress? Most people do . . . and it’s easy to reach for food or some other substance to deal with it.

Feeling the need for chocolate?

Take a look at the sources of stress in your life, and see if your list has increased or intensified in some way. For instance, I’ve been doing some home remodeling lately — I underestimated how stressful it would be. When I took a survey of all of the changes we were making at one time — no wonder I was feeling the pressure! Fortunately, I didn’t reach for food, but I did lose sleep over it.

Make EFT a practice!

With EFT, it’s best to tap daily before stress builds up.

Even simple, general statements can do some good when practiced on a daily basis. These statements helped me get through my recent home remodeling project:

Even though I’m making a lot of changes, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though some of these changes are hard and stressful, I know I can adapt.
Even though this process is far more difficult than I anticipated, I know I’ll get through it.
Even though I feel like I’m making the wrong decisions, I deeply love and accept myself anyway.

Tapping every night after the workers left helped me to calm down and sleep better.

To read more on EFT for Anxiety (and managing my home remodeling project), go to: