Tapping For The Weight Scale

Tapping for the weight scale: If you avoid weighing yourself because you don’t like what you see on the weight scale, then watch this short video to see how I recommend tapping to desensitize yourself.

Many people don’t like to weigh themselves because they feel bad if they don’t like what they see on the scale. I personally DO weigh myself almost every day just to make sure that I’m staying on track. It doesn’t bother me if I see my weight go up a lb. or 2 because I know that there are normal fluctuations, and I can usually trace it back to something I have eaten, so it teaches me about how my body responds to the foods I eat. And to me, it’s just feedback. That is the attitude you want to have.

But if it bothers you to step on the scale, then you are missing out on valuable feedback and you may have to desensitize yourself to it. Avoiding it does no good, because then you wait too long and you don’t realize how far off track you can get in a short time.

So here’s what I recommend.  Before you step on the scale, tap for anxiety and use this affirmation:

Even though I’m anxious, I choose my response with love.

Then step on the scale and no matter what it says – tap:

No shame – no blame.

Then step off the scale and tap:

I release unhealthy behaviors and dissolve them into light.

I love and forgive myself completely.

My weight is not my worth.

Continue to tap “no shame – no blame” throughout the day if it helps. And remember, whatever it says on the scale is just a number. It doesn’t have any meaning, except to point you in a direction. And it certainly is not a measure or your worthiness or unworthiness. So take it for what it’s worth and don’t give it any power to change your mood or ruin your day. If anything, it should motivate you.

I think it’s great for accountability – not for judging yourself, just for learning –and there is nothing worse than seeing your weight creep up on the scale. Avoiding seeing that does no good – that’s just resistance and fear. This series of videos will help you to use tapping to develop good habits, so sign up if you want to get more great video tips in your inbox.

EFT Tapping And Complaining

Watch this episode of the TV show “What Matters Most” as EFT Expert Karin Davidson is interviewed about how to use tapping. Toward the end of the video, she talked about how you can use tapping while you are whining and complaining to clear all the little daily stresses and annoyances that we all feel. Karin is an excellent EFT Trainer.

You may remember that I interviewed her on my EFT Weight Loss radio show here.

Please share this important video and let me know what you liked best in the comments!


EFT For Weight Loss Procrastination

Do you set the same weight loss goal every year, but never seem to get there?

Do you know you “should” exercise more, but everything else gets in the way?

Do you want to make changes in your diet, but never seem to get around to it?

Procrastination is a universal problem that impacts every area of your life.

You cannot afford another day of procrastination!

THIS Weekend ONLY – Carol opened up her new program  JUST FOR US through the WEEKEND ONLY–> (Scroll Down to the bottom of this page) –> EFT tapping to ELIMINATE PROCRASTINATION once and for all.

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EFT With Z Point – Interview with Grant Connolly

EFT can be used with the Z Point process developed by Grant Connolly. Here is one of my most popular radio shows, where I interviewed Grant. P.S. I grilled him about using Z Point For Resistance – one of the biggest benefits of learning the Z Point process.

Z Point is a wonderful complementary process to EFT for Weight Loss.



Tapping Your Self Talk

 Much of the time in EFT sessions, we focus on feelings and bringing the level of intensity down to a more comfortable level.

Since our *thoughts* often cause us to have certain feelings, it is equally effective to tap on the thoughts in addition to the feelings.

One easy way to do this is just to “tap your self talk.” When you are feeling emotional, listen in on your own thoughts, and tap through them.

For instance, if you are feeling angry, listen for the thoughts that are driving that anger. They might be things like –

It’s not fair.

I don’t deserve this.

I can’t believe he/she is acting this way!

I don’t know how I’m going to get this all done.

I can’t take this anymore!

Your self talk contains all the raw material you need to tap down your feelings.

Don’t make it hard! Just tap your self talk!

Your turn to play! What do you think the woman in the photo is saying to herself? What should she be tapping on??? Leave a comment to weigh in …

7 Keys To EFT

Hi Carol,

I’m not new to EFT and have used it whenever I felt I needed to, but only got ‘spotty’ results, at best. Over the past year I’ve been seeing more and more blogs about EFT and some of the results people have been getting. Some results were subtle and some miraculous; but, the point is, there were good results.

This is what led me to your site.  I wanted to get better and more consistent with my results.

Question:  is there 1 or 2 keys to EFT that you can recommend?   🙂

Hi J,

I think you have it exactly right. EFT is a great tool that gets results – sometimes subtle, sometimes miraculous.

Off the top of my head, here are some keys –

1. Focus on feelings – many people get too bogged down in trying to find the right words, which can actually be distracting. You actually don’t even need to use words if you are tuned into the feelings.

2. Identify specific events, and work on them 1 at a time, until you handle all the different aspects of each one. Start with the most intense ones first.

3 Pay attention to what comes up when you are tapping – thoughts, memories, etc. Whatever comes up – treat that as the problem and tap on it. Sometimes it seems too simple to just tap on what’s in your head (your self talk), but it often works, or it leads you somewhere.

4. Develop a daily practice – even 5 minutes per day will make a difference.

5. Tap persistently on difficult issues, from every angle you can think of, and don’t give up.

6. Work with a practitioner or trade sessions with a friend. They will see things that you may miss, and they may be more persistent.

7. Buy all my books and CDs and tell your friends to do the same 🙂 Oh, that’s right, you already bought one – thanks! Now, go use it!

With love,

EFT For *Deservingness*

Feeling *deserving* is often a missing element to achieving goals.

Carol Look wrote about neutralizing deserving issues for abundance, and Jasmine Bharathon offered tapping along with this a deserving prayer.

I was tapping with a friend the other day and the issue of “deservingness” (is that a word?) came up.

I was struggling to find some good wording that didn’t trigger resistance.

Phrases like “I choose to feel deserving” didn’t seem to quite get it.

The next day (of course :-), these words came to me:

I choose to allow these feelings to flow freely

and believe in my own worth and value . . . 

It seems that what is needed at times is to just allow fleeting thoughts and feelings to flow, rather than resisting or trying to change them . . . and then affirming our own worth and value.

This feels life-affirming to me, without triggering resistance . . . always a good combination!

Hope this helps . . .

With love,


EFT For Night Eating CD

Night eating is a huge part of how we sabotage our weight loss progress.

Eating at night can ruin even the best of intentions. It’s something that we tend to put rules around – and continually break them.

Night eating can be a difficult habit to change, until you figure out what is contributing to the problem and work
directly on the core issues.

I recently did an interview and EFT session for my weight loss audio club on EFT for night eating. The session went so well, that I decided to create a new CD on this topic. Enjoy and Sweet Dreams!

Night Eating CD

Improving Your EFT Setup Statements

There are many ways to expand the setup statements using humor and exaggeration. I also find that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) setup statements can be substantially improved just by a simple tweak or addition here or there. I’ve recently written about an easy way to create EFT setup statements.

Here’s 3 additions that can be quite powerful:

1. Even though I have this (problem), I consciously choose to love and accept myself anyway.

2. Even though I have this (problem), I genuinely choose to love and accept myself anyway.

3. Even though I have this (problem), I genuinely love and forgive myself anyway.

Adding the words consciously or genuinely adds greater intentionality to the EFT statements.

These words seem to intensify and add focus to the EFT acceptance statement. You may have said these words before, but may not have meant them in a genuine way.

And finally, self-forgiveness is often a critical part of the healing process. It’s often useful as part of a daily practice.

An Easy Way To Create EFT Setup Statements

Ever wonder what to say or how to start when you sit down to do EFT? Many people have difficulty formulating their setup statements. EFT set up statements do not have to be complicated, but if the setup statement is not correct, all the tapping in the world will not solve the problem. Dr. Tam Llewellyn once wrote about eliminating an intense craving for chocolate muffins by a slight tweak in the set up statement.

Here’s an easy way to create powerful EFT statements:

1. Put what you DON’T want in the left hand side of the the affirmation statement. Let’s suppose you want to use EFT to stop night eating, and you don’t want to overeat when you are tired.

Your statement could start out:
“Even though I feel like eating when I’m tired . . . ”
“Even though I feel tired and I just want to eat . . . ”
“Even though I want to overeat when I am tired . . . “

2. Put what you DO want in the right side of the affirmation statement.

Think about how you WANT to feel, or how you would PREFER to feel.

“I choose to feel relaxed and energized.”

“I choose to allow myself to feel tired without overeating.”

“I choose to manage my fatigue without food.”

3. Put the 2 parts together, and you have some powerful EFT setup statements.

“Even though I feel like eating when I am tired, I choose to feel relaxed and energized.”
“Even though I feel tired and I just want to eat, I choose to allow myself to feel tired without overeating.”
“Even though I want to overeat when I am tired, I choose to manage my fatigue without food.”

Of course, this technique assumes that you actually WANT your cravings to go away. If you aren’t sure, focus your statements on your desire to reduce cravings first.