Tapping For The Weight Scale

Tapping for the weight scale: If you avoid weighing yourself because you don’t like what you see on the weight scale, then watch this short video to see how I recommend tapping to desensitize yourself.

Many people don’t like to weigh themselves because they feel bad if they don’t like what they see on the scale. I personally DO weigh myself almost every day just to make sure that I’m staying on track. It doesn’t bother me if I see my weight go up a lb. or 2 because I know that there are normal fluctuations, and I can usually trace it back to something I have eaten, so it teaches me about how my body responds to the foods I eat. And to me, it’s just feedback. That is the attitude you want to have.

But if it bothers you to step on the scale, then you are missing out on valuable feedback and you may have to desensitize yourself to it. Avoiding it does no good, because then you wait too long and you don’t realize how far off track you can get in a short time.

So here’s what I recommend.  Before you step on the scale, tap for anxiety and use this affirmation:

Even though I’m anxious, I choose my response with love.

Then step on the scale and no matter what it says – tap:

No shame – no blame.

Then step off the scale and tap:

I release unhealthy behaviors and dissolve them into light.

I love and forgive myself completely.

My weight is not my worth.

Continue to tap “no shame – no blame” throughout the day if it helps. And remember, whatever it says on the scale is just a number. It doesn’t have any meaning, except to point you in a direction. And it certainly is not a measure or your worthiness or unworthiness. So take it for what it’s worth and don’t give it any power to change your mood or ruin your day. If anything, it should motivate you.

I think it’s great for accountability – not for judging yourself, just for learning –and there is nothing worse than seeing your weight creep up on the scale. Avoiding seeing that does no good – that’s just resistance and fear. This series of videos will help you to use tapping to develop good habits, so sign up if you want to get more great video tips in your inbox.

Self Hate To Self Acceptance With EFT

self-acceptanceSo much of weight loss is about how you feel about yourself…

Are you overeating because of the overwhelming need to please others?

Are you ready to release the beliefs that keep you stuck, like “I am bad”…or “I am not worthy?”

Does your inner critic need to be retrained (or retired)?

Would you like to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you and stop giving yourself such a hard time?

Join me and my guest, Andy Hunt, to learn to change those limiting beliefs. Andy is author of “Getting Out Of Your Own Way: Finding and Releasing Unconscious Blocks with EFT”

WHEN: Thursday, March 7
TIME: 12 noon Eastern Time
CALL IN NUMBER:  (347) 215-6833

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Night Time Tapping

Here’s a quick video that has a tapping script to use at night for setting good intentions and feeling calm and peaceful. It’s from the EFT Night Eating CD.

You may need to turn your speakers up!

Here’s the script ~ Enjoy!

The intention to be consistently and consciously grateful for all the wonderful blessings in your life is an intention that does not go unnoticed by the universe.

What you attract to you . . . always matches your level of ease, flow and appreciation.

The universe thanks you for every thankful thought.

If you focus on gratitude and fulfillment in the evening, that energy is returned back to you. Focus on consciously choosing the thoughts and feelings you want to end your day with.

This practice shifts your focus from anxiety and fatigue to energetic and positive expectation. This energy will be broadcast into the universe even as you sleep. When you live the intention to create, value and appreciate life’s blessings, your life becomes a moving meditation.

Tapping Statements

I choose to be confident and resourceful
I choose to remember the eternal spirit within me
I choose to remember that I don’t need all the answers
The energy I give to others is what I also give to myself
Today I choose to live with patience, compassion and kindness
As I go to sleep, I affirm that my life is full of blessings
Instead of worry, I choose peace
I am creating a heart-centered consciousness
I value what I have and who I am
And who I am is enough
I embrace the belief that I am worthy of having a blessed life.
I let go of attachments to how I think things should be
And I trust the universe to provide what I need
I know that my energy expands in the world,
and I choose to expand the peace within me.
I am releasing all urgency and inviting trust.
I feel a sense of fulfillment right now
I am more and more aware that I have what I need and I am resourceful
I release all feelings of deprivation, and I connect to the part within me where nothing is lacking.
I embrace my ever present connection to spirit and I choose to live in the energy of an unlimited, loving universe.

EFT For Critical Remarks

Critical remarks can send you to the pantry for chocolate and derail even the most motivated dieter. In my work with EFT for Weight Loss and Binge Eating, it’s important to know how to neutralize the impact of criticism and critical remarks with EFT.

During a recent teleclass on using EFT for weight loss, we discussed body image and how to manage critical remarks. One woman (I’ll call her Amy) identified 2 specific events in which she had been criticized. One was by a boyfriend at age 17, who said to her “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect.”

Amy struggled with perfectionism, as well as feeling like she could never live up to the expectation of others. She felt as if she needed to be perfect before she could be loved by herself or others.

With critical remarks, there are always a number of aspects that we can tap on. First is the remark itself. It’s often helpful just to tap as you repeat the words that were said.

Second, is how it makes you feel, especially how it makes you feel about yourself. Amy felt angry, hopeless and “not good enough.”

Third, is the meaning you give it, what you say to yourself, and the story that evolves from it. Amy told herself she wasn’t good enough, and felt as if she could never live up to the expectations of others.

Fourth, is what you do as a result of it. Amy spent decades trying to be perfect in order to please other people and to feel loved. Every time those feelings of anger and hopelessness were triggered, Amy turned to food to comfort herself.

Here are some of the tapping phrases we used to collapse this issue:

Even though I don’t feel good about this issue … and I hate what he said to me, I love and accept myself.

Even though he said “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect,” and I thought his/her opinion was very important at the time …I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I started believing him just because he said it…I accept myself anyway.

Even though I thought I wasn’t good enough…and I thought I could never measure up to other people’s expectations… I deeply love and accept myself.

Even though I thought I had to be perfect to be loved …and it made me angry, it made me feel hopeless…I accept myself anyway.

Even though I felt hopeless, I felt so judged, and it’s costing me…it was just my reaction…to a thoughtless remark…What was he thinking, saying something like that to me? I am open to the possibility that he was doing the best he could…I may have to accept it, understand it, and maybe even forgive.

Even though I felt so hopeless and angry, I choose to know that just because he said it, doesn’t mean anything, and I choose to believe in my own worth and value.

EB: He said “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect.”
SE: That was his form of a compliment.
UE: It upset me … made me angry… and it’s affected me my whole life.
UN: It’s been a challenge to measure up to other people’s expectations.
CH: I’ve been hanging onto this my whole life.
CB: Believing what I was told…
UA: It made me angry.
TH: It made feel hopeless.

EB: It made me feel like I had to be perfect.
SE: And that felt impossible.
UE: I was always trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
UN: That was then and this is now…
CH: What if it’s time now to let this go?
CB: What if I could put this in perspective, and see it as just his careless remark?
UA: What was he thinking saying something like that to me?
TH: What if I could leave this in the past without any added meaning?

EB: What if it was just not about me?
SE: What if he was doing the best he could?
UE: What if I could choose to let this go?
UN: What if I could choose to see this differently?
CH: What if I am already perfect?
CB: And I don’t need to measure up to anyone’s expectations?
UA: I can’t change their opinion of me,
TH: I can’t stop people from judging me.

EB: But I can change my opinion of myself.
SE: What if I could love myself anyway, no matter what anyone says to me?
UE: What if I could feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what?
UN: What if I could let myself relax about this?
CH: It was just a careless remark
CB: He had no idea how it would affect me.
UA: What if I could let this go…
TH: And accept myself just as I am?

Amy felt so much more peaceful after these rounds of tapping. She felt that she could leave this incident in the past and forgive the person who said it. This tapping allowed her to start to accept and love herself, independent of the opinions of others. It’s what we call Emotional Freedom.

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC  is a Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Master Certified Coach. She specializes in helping clients lose weight and eliminate food and weight issues. She is the author of “How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT” and the EFT Weight Loss CD.

EFT Success For A Binge Eater

Hi Everyone,

Carol Solomon, PhD gives important insights regarding a successful Binge Eating case. Afterwards, her client says, “For the first time in my LIFE ” on Monday night, I was given a chocolate at the end of Christmas meal with friends at a restaurant and I put it to my mouth to take a bite (habit – “in my mouth before I thought about it) and it was too sweet and I was too full ” and I held (HELD) the last 2/3rd’s of it in my fingers for over 10 minutes as we were all saying goodbye and I threw it in a bin (THREW IT OUT) on the way to my car!!!”

Gary Craig (Originally published on Emofree.com)

By Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

Dear Gary,

To a binge eater, having ONE experience where you feel comfortable in your own skin is a success ” throwing away food (because you didn’t want it) is a major breakthrough. A day without binging can feel like a miracle.

I have worked with Carla for 4 sessions. She had a traumatic childhood (an abusive father). She associated food with survival, the only thing she could give herself for comfort. As a child, she promised herself that when she grew up, she could have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

Carla already knew that EFT worked, since she used it to eliminate her need for her asthma inhaler. But she had not been able to stop binge eating. This problem can permeate everything you do. Carla had her life on hold. She wanted to build her business and start a new relationship, but everything felt too risky. The world was not a safe place.

First, we tapped on her belief that she can’t have what she wants, so she substitutes food.

Even though I believe I can’t have what I want, so I settle for food”

Even though I can’t face my life without food ”

Even though I can’t stand feeling empty ” and I need to stuff my feelings”

Then we tapped on her fear of promoting herself, of making mistakes, of the consequences of those mistakes and her fear of being judged.

Even though I’m too scared to promote my business or myself ” it’s not safe”

Even though I’m afraid of being judged ” my father was harsh and critical”

Even though I’m afraid to make mistakes ” because when I make mistakes I get in trouble”

Finally, we tapped on one specific traumatic event, her sense of feeling unsafe in the world and using food to ward off feelings of emptiness.

Even though life just doesn’t feel safe”

Even though I need food to get this safe, anchored feeling”

Even though my mistakes have cost me dearly, I now love and forgive myself.

Even though this event was terrifying and I still feel ashamed ” that was then, and this is now”

Even though I’m still trying to keep myself safe”

Even though this keeps me on an emotional roller coaster”

Even though I still want to eat what I want, I choose to be peacefully in control around food.

Even though I don’t want to be told what to do, I choose to let hunger guide my eating.

Even though I can do what I want, but I think I can’t”

Even though I think life will be bleak and boring and empty without my treats”

Even though I use treats to ward off these empty feelings”

Here is Carla’s letter to me:

Hi there Carol,

Just wanted to update you that I seem to have had a breakthrough with our last session (although elements of earlier sessions now accessible all at the same time)!

Have not binged since Saturday’s call without white knuckling (!!!!!) and I have in fact been having 3 regular (full of real food, but not grotesque quantities – “just regular sized full of variety) meals!!!

For the first time in my LIFE ” on Monday night, I was given a chocolate at the end of Christmas meal with friends at a restaurant and I put it to my mouth to take a bite (habit – “in my mouth before I thought about it) and it was too sweet and I was too full ” and I held (HELD) the last 2/3rd’s of it in my fingers for over 10 minutes as we were all saying goodbye and I threw it in a bin (THREW IT OUT) on the way to my car!!!

I watched all the team at work pig-out on candy-coloured donuts at 9:30 a.m. and couldn’t imagine anything worse so joined them without eating, without feeling like I cared what they thought (and they didn’t!) and I was totally comfortable with it (COMFORTABLE)!

I have re-tapped to Saturday’s recording several times. I have also been tapping on more words around the language you have given me ““that was then, this is now’ (really powerful) – “especially lots of tapping/words coming to me easily around the promise I made to myself that was so strong through my childhood – “my daily survival mantra – “(i.e. that when I grew up I could have whatever, whenever (i.e. food) and so I have really believed to my emotional core that food was the path, and only path, to my happiness.

It has ““clicked’ in me that actually that was then, and was a little muddled, albeit well intentioned and I can still honour my promise just in a way that leads to my happiness by allowing (another word you have given me) to be open to the things I want.

The tapping also seems to have kind of wired me up to comfortably connect with the new thought that salad and fish or salad and steak (SALAD and MEAT and no DESSERT (what is going on??? – ” – “) is actually the path to my happiness. I have always been able to physically feel better eating regular sized meals and easily digestible foods but my emotional drive to eat fast food fast, and lots of it, has always outweighed my physical discomfort every time.

These last few days feel profoundly different to me. My words to you are not sufficient for explaining right now – “but they will do to give you an idea of how I feel so different!

I am nervous it won’t last, so am tapping on that too. But that is the point, I am tapping (not refusing to tap), and allowing myself to buy and prepare food, and to go to bed on time, and do the things that I want to do (rather than assume it is too hard or scary and cop out and eat instead).

Today, I have the energy that comes from not being so fueled only by junk food – “amazing – “so in itself, it is a relief.

It is unbelievably exciting – “because I am not ““trying.’ Today is Thursday, we spoke Saturday and it has sort of just happened. It also feels like I have had a ““click’ in that I have been allowing myself to distract myself from the habit of imagining constantly the calculations for the 40 kilos to come off in just a few weeks so that I magically get thin fast. I am feeling I can focus on just living and for 3 days have had no problem with taking timeout of work or activity to have a proper meal. No Coca Cola in site”

And on and on I could go ”

Much love and appreciation,


Carol’s note: As practitioners, we have this driving need to help people, and it’s easy to forget how much we make a difference in people’s lives and in the world. When I receive letters like this from clients ” I remember ” and I am grateful for EFT and all of the wonderful practitioners who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

With love,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D.


Stop Binge Eating With EFT (Turn Off The Drive To Overeat)

Read more on binge eating here:

Binge Eating Gone in 12 Sessions After Hundreds Of Hours Of Traditional Therapy Fail


Binge Eating Gone In 12 Sessions After Hundreds Of Hours In Traditional Therapy Failed

Binge eating has many emotional roots, many of which are often outside the client’s awareness. Listen in as Carol Solomon, PhD helps her client discover, and resolve, several such issues. (Gary Craig, Originally published on Emofree.com)

By Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

My client, Carla, was aching to stop binge eating so that she could become more slender.  As much as she wanted to lose weight, Carla viewed thin people as vulnerable, exposed and weak.  She somehow feared that she would “blow away in the wind” if she became thin.  She thought she was being “shallow” in her beliefs about thin people, but it turned out to be much deeper than that – several core emotional issues emerged.

Even though I think thin people are weak, and I don’t want to be like them, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though I’m afraid I’ll blow away in the wind if I don’t eat enough…

Even though I think thin people are exposed and vulnerable…

Even though I’m not sure what this means, or how I came to believe this … it feels threatening … like I might not even exist if I don’t eat enough.

Reminder Phrases:
Thin people are weak
Thin people are vulnerable
Thin people are exposed
They can’t protect themselves
I don’t want to be like them
I might blow away in the wind
It doesn’t feel safe to lose weight
I don’t know what this means, but it feels like some scary times I had in my past … like my very existence was threatened.

Through this sequence, Carla made some important connections.  As a child, Carla’s parents made her eat 3 meals per day, “so that she wouldn’t get too thin,” but restricted her from eating junk food.

Carla often felt deprived, so she would binge eat in secret, and then eat her meals anyway, so her parents wouldn’t suspect that she was binging.  Whatever she was deprived of … that’s what she craved.  As an adult, Carla could not restrict herself to 3 regular meals without feeling deprived.

As a child, Carla had been abused.  She “waited” to get through childhood, promising herself she could have and do whatever she wanted.  As an adult, she refused to constrain her food choices and hated being told what to do. (She had a little 5-year-old inside, who was stomping her feet and refusing to compromise).

Even though I’ve been waiting my whole life to get through childhood, so I can have whatever I want and do whatever I want…

Even though I HATE being told what to do … no diet is going to tell me what to do…

Even though I don’t like to wait … I want to have it right away … and I’m afraid it won’t be enough…

Even though I refuse to be “without” even though it’s costing me…

Reminder Phrases:
I don’t like to wait
I have to have it right now
I might not get through the day
It won’t be enough
I refuse to be without
I WILL have what I want
No one is going to tell me what to do
You can’t make me (the voice of the 5-year-old inside)

At this point, Carla began to describe her childhood abuse, in which she endured numerous instances of being hit and/or witnessing her brother being hit by her father.  Like many trauma victims, Carla would dissociate during the abuse.  “I could disconnect my head off my shoulders.  I could leave my body and be really still.”

Carla knew that “being really still” was the key to her survival.  As much as the abuse hurt, struggling or running would have made it much worse.  Carla’s survival mode was to imagine that all of her weight was going down into her feet.  Being “weighted down” would keep her from running and minimize the abuse.  She even imagined herself wearing leaded boots that would anchor her.

Carla also believed that if she kept a layer of padding (extra weight) on her body, the abuse would be less painful.  If the padding wasn’t there, she would have no protection. As an adult, she still thought that the “padding” kept her safe.  It didn’t feel safe to lose weight.

Even though I had my lead boots on for my own protection, and I made myself stand still and “take it,” I choose to know that I can now be free, and it IS safe to lose weight.

Even though this heaviness held me in the spot and that served me in the past, I deeply and completely accept myself for what I had to do.

Even though it feels scary to lose weight, and to be without padding, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m afraid to be like those thin people, I choose to know that I can lose weight and still be safe.

Reminder Phrases:
I had my lead boots on
So I wouldn’t float away
I was just a child
But I was smart enough to know what I had to do
To not make it any worse
I wanted to run
I was terrified
But I knew it would only make it worse
So I made myself “take it”
I was so strong
I knew what I had to do and I did it
But it was a horrible situation
My heaviness kept me strong
But I don’t need that anymore
I am safe
I am strong
I don’t need to wait any longer, and I don’t need to “weight” myself
I choose to release this heaviness and this padding
I don’t need it anymore
I can be safe without it
I am safe
I’ve endured so much as a child, and I honor myself for how hard it’s been
That was then . . . and this is now
I can take those lead boots off
I can be strong AND thin
It has nothing to do with food.

Carla was incredibly relieved to make these connections.  Her binge eating is greatly decreased, and she can now eat 3 healthy meals per day without feeling rebellious.

I have worked with Carla for 12 sessions.  She was astounded by her progress using EFT compared to traditional therapy.  Her question to me at the end of this session was “How can I have accomplished more in 12 sessions, than I have spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in traditional therapy?” That’s EFT!

With love,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

7 Keys To EFT

Hi Carol,

I’m not new to EFT and have used it whenever I felt I needed to, but only got ‘spotty’ results, at best. Over the past year I’ve been seeing more and more blogs about EFT and some of the results people have been getting. Some results were subtle and some miraculous; but, the point is, there were good results.

This is what led me to your site.  I wanted to get better and more consistent with my results.

Question:  is there 1 or 2 keys to EFT that you can recommend?   🙂

Hi J,

I think you have it exactly right. EFT is a great tool that gets results – sometimes subtle, sometimes miraculous.

Off the top of my head, here are some keys –

1. Focus on feelings – many people get too bogged down in trying to find the right words, which can actually be distracting. You actually don’t even need to use words if you are tuned into the feelings.

2. Identify specific events, and work on them 1 at a time, until you handle all the different aspects of each one. Start with the most intense ones first.

3 Pay attention to what comes up when you are tapping – thoughts, memories, etc. Whatever comes up – treat that as the problem and tap on it. Sometimes it seems too simple to just tap on what’s in your head (your self talk), but it often works, or it leads you somewhere.

4. Develop a daily practice – even 5 minutes per day will make a difference.

5. Tap persistently on difficult issues, from every angle you can think of, and don’t give up.

6. Work with a practitioner or trade sessions with a friend. They will see things that you may miss, and they may be more persistent.

7. Buy all my books and CDs and tell your friends to do the same 🙂 Oh, that’s right, you already bought one – thanks! Now, go use it!

With love,

Giving Your Symptoms A Voice

As a personal coach, I LOVE powerful questions. The best questions are both simple and profound. 

Recently, I've been using a question that gets at the core issue quickly.

If the (symptom) could talk, what would it say?

This works particularly well for pain issues, but you could also use it for any symptom, such as "excess weight."

Then tap on whatever comes up.

Try it! You might be surprised at what your symptoms would say . . . 

With love,


EFT CD on Amazon

Eftweightloss My EFT Weight Loss CD is now listed on Amazon. It may be a few more days until it will show up in search results.

Positive ratings and reviews are also welcome (and enormously appreciated) from anyone who may already have the CD 🙂

Gary has recently published the EFT manual as a printed book.  

The newest edition is really well written, easy to understand and more complete than the earlier editions. 

EFT Weight Loss For Dogs Too?

It seems like all of my friends are passionate about dogs, cats and/or horses. And I am too! I’ve even written an article for Gary’s site about using EFT with my 9-year-old beagle to improve her sluggishness, which turned her into a playful pup! It seems to me that dogs have an asssortment of issues, behavioral, emotional and physical that could be helped by EFT. I am wondering if EFT can help with weight loss, even in dogs! (I completely fell in love with the photo!) So I think I will include EFT for that too!

I was kidding around with my 13-year old daughter, and started tapping on Molly, our 9-year-old Beagle. As a puppy, Molly had been abused and neglected. We adopted her when she was 6 years old after she had been in a shelter and lived with several families. She was overweight, a total slug, and did not know how to play. While tapping can be done surrogately with pets, I tried to tap on where the sore spot would be on her chest.

Even though I don’t know how to play, I am a cool dog anyway . . .
Even though I just like to lie on the couch all day, we love you anyway . . .

My daughter, who refuses to let me tap on her and thinks tapping is the dumbest thing ever invented, joined in. (I didn’t even know she knew how to craft the statements!)

Even though you are a big fat beagle, we all love you.

Even though you sleep on the couch all day when you should go play and have fun, we all think you’re cute.

Even though no one taught you how to play, we all love and accept you anyway.

We just tapped around the face points on her with statements like these:

I sleep on the couch all day
I don’t know how to play
No one ever played with me
They just left me alone
Now I can have fun
It’s time to play and have fun

Molly immediately got a lot more playful — we couldn’t believe the difference!

In fact, we couldn’t keep her from playing for days afterwards — she was running all over the house. Now, when she gets too frisky, my daughter still says “Mom, it’s your fault – you did that tapping with her! You’re going to have to “untap” her!

With love,
Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC