Two Surrogate Tapping Cases: Dental Anxiety and Severe Stomach Ache

Carol Solomon, PhD gives us two useful examples of doing EFT surrogately for her daughter. Please note how specific she tends to be with the issues. That tends to help. Also, note how easy and simple it is to do. Surrogate EFT should be in everyone’s tool box.
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By Carol Solomon, PhD


While I have used EFT for years, I never understood the concept of surrogate tapping. I often wondered how it could actually work. Then I realized one day that “it’s all energy” so of course, if I am tapping for another person and we share the same energy field, they would be impacted as well.

My daughter is 11 years old, too “cool” to tap, or to allow me to tap on her. However, she was nervous when she had to have some dental work done recently. The dental office is rather long and narrow. The place for the parent to sit is in the opposite corner of where the work takes place. While her work was being done, I was able to do surrogate tapping unobtrusively in my corner. I tapped on myself in the usual manner as if I was her. I spoke the words softly to myself.

Even though it is hard to relax . . . I know I can stay relaxed and calm.

Even though I am afraid it will hurt . . .

Even though I am not sure what is going to happen . . .

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More Dental Work

Yesterday, my tooth broke, the same one I had worked on less than a month ago. Yuck! . . . which of course meant that I needed a crown. I warned the dentist, and actually was not too anxious considering my last experience. I find that rubbing the sore spot while they are working works wonders. It seems to relax the body at a very deep level. And no, I’m still not crazy about going to the dentist, but Emotional Freedom Techniques are a huge help.

Fearless Dental Visits

I had had some bad experiences (I’ll spare you the details) and I hadn’t been to the dentist in about a year. So I tried a new dentist. I was shaking, nearly in tears as they called me into the office. As the hygenist sat to talk with me, I knew there was only one thing to do — tap!

We talked for quite a long time as she asked me a lot of questions about my history and past experiences. Because I didn’t want to be obvious, I massaged the *sore spot* and the collarbone point during this whole process. I was already *tuned into* my emotions by virtue of the questions she was asking, so it wasn’t necessary to repeat any reminder phrases. Later the dentist came and asked a lot of the same questions and I continued massaging the points. No one ever asked what I was doing. Within the first half hour, my anxiety was completely gone.