EFT: I *Need* To Lose Weight

When I was a child, I occasionally had difficulty sleeping. I would call my mom into the room and say "mom, I can't sleep." She said 2 words to me that worked every time — "just rest." I immediately felt relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Somehow, those 2 words took the pressure off. As soon as I realized that I didn't *need* to go to sleep . . . I went to sleep.

Now as an adult, I understand that the more you want something, the more you push it away. It's fine to have a desire, but if you want something so strongly that you feel like you *have* to have it, metaphysically, you are making it harder to get it. As soon as you let go of the *need* to have it (your attachment to it), you draw it to you.

You can use EFT to reduce the *need* for that thing, and make it easier to get. For instance, many people feel like they *need* to lose weight. "Even though I feel like I need to lose weight, I love and accept myself completely."

There is an acceptance process that is inherent in the EFT set up statement. Paradoxically, you need to accept yourself (which many people find it difficult to do), while you get comfortable with the idea of being successful, and hold the goal at the same time.

Steve Wells has written extensively on accepting yourself, and manifesting and paradoxical thinking — these articles are well worth reviewing.

Do yourself a favor and take the pressure off! You may find that it makes your goal easier to achieve.