No Pain At All with EFT

Carol K-M came in for 1 session to treat her anxiety around her upcoming surgery. She was especially afraid of having anesthesia. She knew that she had a tendency to "scare herself" in routine procedures. One session of EFT resulted in a pain-free treatment. Here is what she writes about her experience:

Carol, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I had a great experience – no pain at all. The nurses were wonderful, the anesthesia nurse was great. I did listen to the surgical series CD but I really felt that the work I did with you was by far the most powerful.  I found myself almost trying to scare myself out of habit but the work we did, kicked in immediately each time.  I have had absolutely no pain, and I can work out to my heart’s content.  Thank you for going into this field and thank you so very much for your study of EFT.  You are terrific!!!   Carol K-M

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