EFT Dissolves 40-Year Driving Phobia

Here’s what EFT Founder, Gary Craig said about this case:

Carol Solomon’s client learned EFT at Carol’s weight loss teleclass and then applied it to herself during a harrowing mountain driving experience. The result? No more driving fear. Note the very simple, straightforward language used.

Hugs, Gary

“Sara” did not learn to drive until she was 22 years old. She only learned then because she was pregnant with her first child, and she knew she would be stuck at home if she didn’t learn to drive.

Because she didn’t learn in adolescence, Sara was very anxious right from the beginning, and has never been a confident driver. Certain weather conditions would cause her anxiety to increase. She would avoid driving in rain or snow. Driving in unfamiliar territory would also increase her anxiety. When she had to drive in these conditions, Sara would feel queasy and sick to her stomach. Her heart would race, and she would breathe hard or hold her breath. She would feel shaky and tense.

Two years ago, Sara attended a conference, which was held on a mountain top in upstate New York. On the way to the conference center, it began to snow and sleet. She was anxious but doing ok, until she got almost to the top of the mountain, and there was a car that was stopped ahead of her. There was no way to get around it. She had to stop and her car slid back against a guard rail. The car above her slid back into her car, and they were stuck on the mountain for a couple of hours. She was even more afraid to drive following this incident.

Sara’s anxiety came to a head when she and her husband purchased a summer home, located on a mountain in Vermont. The road to their new home was dirt packed and full of twists and turns, with no guard rails. Sara was particularly scared that if she slid off the road, there would be nothing to stop her from rolling down the mountain. She was anxious even as a passenger on that road.

She could not avoid it. She was moving to Vermont for the summer with her husband, and she had to drive. On the night before the trip, she had nightmares of going off the side of the road.

Sara was panic stricken. Since she had learned EFT in my weight loss teleclass, she announced to her husband that she was going to stop and tap before she drove up the mountain.

Here are the statements she used:

Even though I am very afraid to drive on this mountain road, I fully love and accept myself.

Afraid to drive
Afraid of this road
Afraid to drive this mountain road
Feel sick to my stomach
Feeling shaky
Feeling shaky
I’ll be ok
I’ll be safe

Even though I feel sick to my stomach and I feel shaky, I know I can be calm and drive well.

I am calm
I am calm
I will drive well
I’ll be ok
I feel confident
I feel confident
I will drive well
I feel calm

Sara drove confidently up the mountain. “I wasn’t holding my breath. I wasn’t breathing hard. I was not shaking. I was fine. I felt victorious as I pulled into the driveway!”

She continued to use EFT several times when she was going up or coming down the mountain. It’s been 7 months since she conquered her 40-year driving phobia. “Now I drive that mountain like I own it!”

With love,
Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

EFT With Z Point – Interview with Grant Connolly

EFT can be used with the Z Point process developed by Grant Connolly. Here is one of my most popular radio shows, where I interviewed Grant. P.S. I grilled him about using Z Point For Resistance – one of the biggest benefits of learning the Z Point process.

Z Point is a wonderful complementary process to EFT for Weight Loss.



EFT and Z Point For Weight Loss Teleclass

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The Z Point and EFT for Weight Loss Teleseminar starts April 11th and runs for 3 weeks.

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Class #1 — Introduction to Z Point

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EFT Lose Weight By Increasing Willpower

Feeling overwhelmed with temptation?

You aren’t alone.

“Not enough willpower” is the single biggest reason cited for not being able to lose weight.

So if you think you don’t have enough willpower, you aren’t alone. And indeed most major problems result from failures of self-control – compulsive eating, gambling, spending, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, procrastination, explosive anger, etc.

TOPIC: EFT To Increase Willpower

WHEN: Thursday, February 23, 12 noon Eastern Time

CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 215-6833

Join me for this show to learn:

  1. How To Use EFT Tapping To Increase Willpower
  2. What You Can Do To Avoid The “Willpower Trap.”
  3. 7 Simple Strategies To Increase Willpower

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC, is a Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner. She is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques to help people lose weight without dieting, stop binge eating, and reduce anxiety and stress. She is the author of 4 books on Emotional Freedom Techniques, the EFT Tips newsletter, the Binge Eating Teleseminar and the EFT Weight Loss CD.

EFT And Gratitude To Improve Sleep

NOTE: Here’s what Gary Craig wrote about this article on EFT, gratitude and sleep.

Anyone can benefit from being in a state of gratitude, especially when better sleep is one of the rewards. In this well written article, Dr. Carol Solomon shares her wisdom on this subject.

She says, “Practicing gratitude has been shown to enhance health and wellbeing.  In research studies, people who are asked to incorporate a daily gratitude practice report fewer health complaints and fewer symptoms of physical illness.  They feel more joyful, optimistic, connected to others, and more positive about their lives as a whole.”

By Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

Sometimes I have difficulty sleeping, either waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and I can’t get back to sleep.  My mind is racing.  I am either trying to solve a problem or I am so excited about a project I am working on, that the details are swirling in my mind.  When this happens (2-3 times per week), I feel sluggish and miserable the next day.  I decided to create a practice to see if I could improve my sleep.

Practicing gratitude has been shown to enhance health and wellbeing.  In research studies, people who are asked to incorporate a daily gratitude practice report fewer health complaints and fewer symptoms of physical illness.  They feel more joyful, optimistic, connected to others, and more positive about their lives as a whole.  Gratitude group participants exercise more (about 1.5 more hours per week), get more hours of sleep, spend less time awake and feel more refreshed in the morning.  Perhaps this is why grateful individuals feel more vital and have fewer health problems.  They get more sleep!

These research findings are critical, in that inadequate, disrupted sleep and poor sleep quality are highly associated with lower overall health and wellbeing.  Sleep is a restorative process that affects every system in our bodies.  Sleep-deprived individuals have higher levels of stress hormones and compromised immune systems.

While gratitude is one of my highest signature strengths, I still need to work to cultivate a deep and enduring grateful heart.  I decided to combine EFT and gratitude.  So, while I am watching TV at night, I start tapping during the commercials.

First, I do a general round for not being perfect.  It’s a great reminder that we don’t have to be perfect, a great way to be kinder to ourselves, and a great way to start or end the day.

Even though I’m not perfect, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though I’m not perfect, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I’ve made mistakes, I accept myself anyway.

EB: I’ve made mistakes

SE: I’m not perfect

UE: I’m not perfect

UN: It’s ok

CH: I’m not perfect

CB: It’s ok

UA: I accept myself anyway

TH: Even though I’m not perfect

Next, I use EFT to clear any specific stresses, setbacks, worries or emotional upsets from the day.  I also tap on any mistakes I have made or any unresolved problems that could keep me awake at night.

Fear and anxiety tend to surface at night and can disrupt sleep.  Personal burdens and perceived obstacles can also block grateful thoughts.  EFT can be used to eliminate these concerns and any attitudes that are incompatible with a grateful disposition, such as pessimism, a focus on shortcomings, lack of confidence or an inability to admit that one is not self-sufficient.

Even though I feel worried about ___________, I love and accept myself.

Even though I’m not sure what to do….

Even though I’m not sure I am making the right decisions…

EB: I’m worried about making mistakes

SE: I’m not sure what to do about __________.

UE: I don’t know if I’m making the right decisions

UN: I don’t know how to solve it right now

CH: I don’t know if I have what it takes

CB: I feel anxious about making mistakes

UA: I don’t like not knowing what to do

TH: I’m worried about ___________.

If I don’t have a lot of worries that day, then I might do a round on my “shoulds.”

EB: I should be a better parent

SE: I should eat better

UE: I should exercise more

UN: I should be kinder to other people

CH: I should volunteer more of my time

CB: I should spend more time with my family

UA: I should support my friends more

TH: I should be more patient

Then I do rounds for what I am grateful for.

EB: I am grateful for my family

SE: I am grateful for my health

UE: I am grateful for my home

UN: I am grateful for my dog

CH: I am grateful for my work and the opportunity to serve people

CB: I am grateful for the contribution I have made in the lives of others

UA: I am grateful for the presence of God in my life

TH: I am grateful for the love of my friends

Research has shown that the good things in life are enjoyed even more when perceived as a gift.  Gifts have givers, and gratitude can extend to the goodness of the giver.  If the receiver acknowledges the giver behind the gift, they are likely to feel even more grateful.  So I include the gifts and the giver behind the gift.

EB: I appreciate my parents for the gift of my life and the sacrifices they made

SE: I appreciate my husband for his love and support

UE: I appreciate the gift of being a parent (I’m an adoptive mom, so there was a very definite giver)

UN: I appreciate all of the opportunities I have been given to serve the world

CH: I appreciate my friends and the love I have received from them

CB: I appreciate my newsletter subscribers for the opportunity to help them

UA: I appreciate the presence of God in my life

TH: I appreciate the divine guidance I am receiving

Issues can be global or mundane.  The important part is the regular practice of gratitude and acknowledgement of the blessings that one has received.

EB: I am grateful for my dinner

SE: I am grateful that my home is warm

UE: I am grateful that I have such a comfortable place to sleep

UN: I am grateful for my coffee in the morning

CH: I am grateful for the beauty of the flowers outside my window

CB: I am grateful that I can take a big, deep breath

UA: I am grateful that I have everything I need in this moment

TH: I am grateful that right now, I have enough

Then I add my wish list – things that I want, but haven’t yet received – just for fun.  Grateful people tend to be happier and more content with life as it is.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t wish for more sometimes.  I stay very light about this, since I don’t want to dwell on what I don’t have.  It’s simply thanking the universe in advance.

EB: I am grateful to be sleeping so soundly at night

SE: I am grateful for the steady growth in my business

UE: I am grateful for the opportunity to help thousands of people

UN: I am grateful for all that I am learning

CH: I am grateful for my abundance in health, love, time and money em>

CB: I am grateful that the exact resources I need are coming to me

UA: I am grateful for all of the prosperity in my life

TH: I am grateful for all of the ease and flow in my life

After 3 nights, I began sleeping soundly through the night without waking up.  It surprised me that I also slept longer than usual.  I would normally wake up between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.  Now I often sleep until 6:30 or so.  I find myself noticing and savoring positive experiences during the day, and looking for items to add to my EFT gratitude practice at night.  In fact, when someone is kind to me, I tell them “you’ll be on my gratitude list tonight!”

The gifts of gratitude are many.  Gratitude can counteract depression and help fight stress, the precursor of many serious diseases.  Grateful people feel more connected to others, are more likely to protect and preserve their relationships, and are measurably happier and more pleasant to be around.

People who practice gratitude are better at achieving their goals, and have been shown to offer more help and support to others.  Gratitude not only helps people feel good, but helps people do good as well.

No matter what issue we are facing, the research is very clear that we can benefit enormously by counting our blessings, instead of our burdens.  EFT can eliminate the stresses that keep us awake at night and amplify the benefits of a gratitude practice.  Either practice alone will help, but to me, this is an unbeatable combination.  If we “tap in” our gratitude list, we (and the world) are far better off.

With love and gratitude,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

EFT Tapping In The Mirror

A quick exercise is to use Emotional Freedom Techniques while looking in the mirror. You can do this with or without using words. For most people, just looking into the mirror will bring up issues and feelings to tap on. 

I also love these general statements: 

Even though I’m not perfect, I love and accept myself anyway.
Even though I’m not perfect, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I’m not perfect, I love and accept myself completely.

Breathe deeply and notice how you feel.

It’s a great reminder that we don’t have to be perfect – and a great way to start your day!

EFT For Stress And Weight Loss

Here’s an email that I typically get: "Hi Carol, I have 30 (or 50 or 100) lb. to lose and I’ve been overweight for 10 years. I don’t get much exercise because I am working so much and caring for my children. I have a lot of stress in my life."

Yes, you can use EFT for weight loss, no doubt. It will stop food cravings and the emotions that drive stress eating.

Continue reading

Greetings From The EFT Bootcamp

Yes, it was an awesome event — 3 days of intense EFT training. Here’s a shot of me with Gary Craig. Part of the fun of these events is meeting great EFT practitioners from around the world.

Take Irit Lester Levy, for example. She lives just below the northern part of Israel where thousands of refugees are going to escape the bombing. She told me that she uses my EFT for Anxiety book to work with them in groups. Needless to say, this was very moving for me to hear and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.