Energy Profiling: Before and After Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle is a master energy therapist and author. Today, she will discuss her wildly popular Dressing Your Truth program and it’s impact on weight loss, confidence and self esteem.

Join us to learn how knowing your energy profiling “type” can help you to improve your health, confidence, beauty and weight.

  •     What is “energy profiling?”
  •     How does knowing your type help with weight loss?
  •     What plan is right for each type?


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EFT Weight Loss Coaching

Listen in as my colleague, Bill Woods and I talk about EFT Weight Loss Coaching, and do a EFT weight loss coaching live demonstration. This coaching demo shows how EFT can be used to discover the issues that need to be worked on, and how to stop sabotaging yourself when you get close to the goal.

In this session, our volunteer works on fear of success, fear of failure, anger with herself for not moving forward and identity issues, such as "who am I without all this extra weight?" Lots of issues were clearly identified in this mini-session and our volunteer knows exactly how to take that one step forward, and what she still needs to work on.

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New! EFT and Z Point For Weight Loss Teleclass

Want to make it EASY to lose weight? Z Point is just the ticket!

The Z Point and EFT for Weight Loss Teleseminar starts August 15th and runs for 3 weeks.

And it includes my EFT and Z Point CD for Weight Loss – free shipping too! (Note: international students get downloadable version.)

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Here’s the description of the class:

Class #1 — Introduction to Z Point

  • Reducing negative emotions with Z Point
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and negative feelings easily and effortlessly
  • Lose weight easier when negative emotions are released

Class #2 — Z Point for Resistance

  • This class is critical to weight loss success
  • How to stop sabotaging your weight loss
  • What good is weight loss if you can’t hang on to it?

Class #3 — EFT  and Z Point Together to Amplify Your Results –

  • Get there faster and easier using Z Point and EFT together
  • 42 EFT / Z point statements specific to weight loss
  • Releasing bad habits and automatic programs that lead to weight gain

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EFT For Diabetes

Are you struggling with Diabetes? My research and EFT tapping work with diabetic clients is showing really promising results. My clients report:

  1. lower blood sugar levels, and better control
  2. less need for prescription medications
  3. improvements in neuropathy and pain
  4. more energy
  5. weight loss
  6. better sleep
  7. less stress
  8. less resistance to exercise

Join me on Thursday, February 6th at 12 Eastern Time to learn how to use EFT for Diabetes. What: Tap with me on EFT Radio
When: Thursday, February 9th at 12 noon ET
How: The call-in number is (347) 215-6833


EFT For Weight Loss – What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

EFT For weight loss poses a number of tricky challenges. Most people get stuck in some type of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are a subtle form of self sabotage … an objection to healing. They prevent you from healing and changing now.

The EFT Setup statement is designed to be the built-in antidote to this type of sabotaging belief.

The more we hold these beliefs, the more we stay stuck. And yes, there are advantages to staying stuck! We get to stay in our comfort zones, and don't have to take any action to move out of them.

But if you would prefer to change this pattern, you may want to attend this event (it's free!)

What: Tap with me on EFT Radio
When: Thursday, January 26th at 12 noon ET
How: The call-in number is (347) 215-6833

EFT For Appetite And Portion Control

Listen to this week's show on Blog Talk Radio here – EFT for Weight Loss – Appetite and Portion Control.

While many people want to slim down, it's actually more of a wish than an actual intention. Most people like the idea of being thin more than the actual execution of what you need to do.

What often gets in the way is having a big appetite and not wanting to cut the portions. The only way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run is not to remove your choices, but to want to eat less.

If you are white knuckling it, and relying heavily on willpower, then it won't last. It's far more effective to tap to reduce your appetite.
Join me on Thursday's show as we tap directly to reduce appetite and increase portion control.

WHEN: Thursday, January 12

TIME: 12 noon Eastern Time

CALL-IN NUMBER: (347) 215-6833

Join me as I tap with my callers for appetite and portion control.


EFT For Critical Remarks

Critical remarks can send you to the pantry for chocolate and derail even the most motivated dieter. In my work with EFT for Weight Loss and Binge Eating, it’s important to know how to neutralize the impact of criticism and critical remarks with EFT.

During a recent teleclass on using EFT for weight loss, we discussed body image and how to manage critical remarks. One woman (I’ll call her Amy) identified 2 specific events in which she had been criticized. One was by a boyfriend at age 17, who said to her “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect.”

Amy struggled with perfectionism, as well as feeling like she could never live up to the expectation of others. She felt as if she needed to be perfect before she could be loved by herself or others.

With critical remarks, there are always a number of aspects that we can tap on. First is the remark itself. It’s often helpful just to tap as you repeat the words that were said.

Second, is how it makes you feel, especially how it makes you feel about yourself. Amy felt angry, hopeless and “not good enough.”

Third, is the meaning you give it, what you say to yourself, and the story that evolves from it. Amy told herself she wasn’t good enough, and felt as if she could never live up to the expectations of others.

Fourth, is what you do as a result of it. Amy spent decades trying to be perfect in order to please other people and to feel loved. Every time those feelings of anger and hopelessness were triggered, Amy turned to food to comfort herself.

Here are some of the tapping phrases we used to collapse this issue:

Even though I don’t feel good about this issue … and I hate what he said to me, I love and accept myself.

Even though he said “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect,” and I thought his/her opinion was very important at the time …I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I started believing him just because he said it…I accept myself anyway.

Even though I thought I wasn’t good enough…and I thought I could never measure up to other people’s expectations… I deeply love and accept myself.

Even though I thought I had to be perfect to be loved …and it made me angry, it made me feel hopeless…I accept myself anyway.

Even though I felt hopeless, I felt so judged, and it’s costing me…it was just my reaction…to a thoughtless remark…What was he thinking, saying something like that to me? I am open to the possibility that he was doing the best he could…I may have to accept it, understand it, and maybe even forgive.

Even though I felt so hopeless and angry, I choose to know that just because he said it, doesn’t mean anything, and I choose to believe in my own worth and value.

EB: He said “all you have to do is slim down your thighs and you would be perfect.”
SE: That was his form of a compliment.
UE: It upset me … made me angry… and it’s affected me my whole life.
UN: It’s been a challenge to measure up to other people’s expectations.
CH: I’ve been hanging onto this my whole life.
CB: Believing what I was told…
UA: It made me angry.
TH: It made feel hopeless.

EB: It made me feel like I had to be perfect.
SE: And that felt impossible.
UE: I was always trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
UN: That was then and this is now…
CH: What if it’s time now to let this go?
CB: What if I could put this in perspective, and see it as just his careless remark?
UA: What was he thinking saying something like that to me?
TH: What if I could leave this in the past without any added meaning?

EB: What if it was just not about me?
SE: What if he was doing the best he could?
UE: What if I could choose to let this go?
UN: What if I could choose to see this differently?
CH: What if I am already perfect?
CB: And I don’t need to measure up to anyone’s expectations?
UA: I can’t change their opinion of me,
TH: I can’t stop people from judging me.

EB: But I can change my opinion of myself.
SE: What if I could love myself anyway, no matter what anyone says to me?
UE: What if I could feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what?
UN: What if I could let myself relax about this?
CH: It was just a careless remark
CB: He had no idea how it would affect me.
UA: What if I could let this go…
TH: And accept myself just as I am?

Amy felt so much more peaceful after these rounds of tapping. She felt that she could leave this incident in the past and forgive the person who said it. This tapping allowed her to start to accept and love herself, independent of the opinions of others. It’s what we call Emotional Freedom.

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC  is a Psychologist, Certified EFT Practitioner & Master Certified Coach. She specializes in helping clients lose weight and eliminate food and weight issues. She is the author of “How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT” and the EFT Weight Loss CD.

How To Stop Craving Sweets (VIDEO)

If you've ever been frustrated with yourself for doing the same thing OVER AND OVER again (when you know it's not good for you), then you'll want to watch this video…

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In it, this woman discovers what is underneath her cravings for chocolate.

AND you'll see how she clears the issue in less than 10 minutes.

Many people have difficulty finding and understanding the core issue that is driving them to overeat.

So they keep doing the same self-sabotaging behavior over and over again.

It's frustrating…

And yet, it can be so easily solved with the right techniques.

Yes, there's always more work to do, but this video is a brilliant demonstration of how a difficult issue can be resolved in a short time.

Watch the video (Hint: It's not your fault.)

If you haven't noticed, we humans generally don't like to  be told what to do . . .even by ourselves.

The result is frustrating resistance…and doing the same darned thing over and over again.

Watch the video (You don't want to miss this one)

With love,

P.S. Would you like to have a life where you don't even think about food and weight issues?

That's what I help my clients develop for themselves.

Working with a coach is an opportunity to focus more intently and overcome "potential" obstacles.

If you aren't sure, and would like to explore whether coaching is right for you, please send an email ( or call me (847) 680-0272 for a complimentary consultation.
Carol Solomon, Ph.D. is a psychologist and personal
coach. She works with clients all over the world by phone.

How Do You See Yourself?

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool, yet most people don’t use it as effectively as they could.

Once you start “seeing” and “feeling” yourself as the person you want to be, then you are already on your way to becoming that person.

No matter what you have accomplished in the past, you’ve probably seen yourself doing it first. If you decide how you want your life to be, then it’s a pro-active choice to see yourself with those characteristics.

Think about who you want to be, and write it out. This exercise also helps you to focus on it, (rather than what you don’t have.) And we all know that you get more of what you focus on.

Then tap it in, like so…

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Faster EFT Interview with Robert Smith

Today, I interviewed Robert Smith about his Faster EFT program for weight loss.

Listen to the replay and check out Robert's program below –



Would you like to know how to conquer overeating and lose weight faster? Robert Smith's Faster EFT is a one of a kind weight loss program that is fast, direct and gives you the real reason why you are overweight and how to take control.  

What is Faster EFT? It is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind's great ability to transform itself. 

With Faster EFT, you get faster and deeper changes, and a technique that is simple and easy to apply. It aims at the problem directly, no beating around the bush. 

Faster EFT works with the subconscious mind and quickly transforms core issues. There's no searching for words to say, no scripts to memorize, and no psychological reversal.   

Join Robert Smith and me as we explore how Faster EFT can assist you in weight loss, and create complete changes in every area of your life.  

Faster EFT can help you improve weight, energy, sleep, relaxation and your overall health.