7 Keys To EFT

Hi Carol,

I’m not new to EFT and have used it whenever I felt I needed to, but only got ‘spotty’ results, at best. Over the past year I’ve been seeing more and more blogs about EFT and some of the results people have been getting. Some results were subtle and some miraculous; but, the point is, there were good results.

This is what led me to your site.  I wanted to get better and more consistent with my results.

Question:  is there 1 or 2 keys to EFT that you can recommend?   🙂

Hi J,

I think you have it exactly right. EFT is a great tool that gets results – sometimes subtle, sometimes miraculous.

Off the top of my head, here are some keys –

1. Focus on feelings – many people get too bogged down in trying to find the right words, which can actually be distracting. You actually don’t even need to use words if you are tuned into the feelings.

2. Identify specific events, and work on them 1 at a time, until you handle all the different aspects of each one. Start with the most intense ones first.

3 Pay attention to what comes up when you are tapping – thoughts, memories, etc. Whatever comes up – treat that as the problem and tap on it. Sometimes it seems too simple to just tap on what’s in your head (your self talk), but it often works, or it leads you somewhere.

4. Develop a daily practice – even 5 minutes per day will make a difference.

5. Tap persistently on difficult issues, from every angle you can think of, and don’t give up.

6. Work with a practitioner or trade sessions with a friend. They will see things that you may miss, and they may be more persistent.

7. Buy all my books and CDs and tell your friends to do the same 🙂 Oh, that’s right, you already bought one – thanks! Now, go use it!

With love,

Are You Making This EFT Tapping Mistake?

Sometimes I get questions that go something like this "Carol, I tapped on all the points, but nothing happened . . . " This statement gives me a clue of where the problem could be – mental focus.

EFT is not just tapping around the points, although in some cases, that could be enough. You have to FOCUS on the problem you are trying to solve while you tap. Many people are so worried about tapping on the "right" point or in the "right" order, they forget to focus.

You can often improve your results just by improving your focus.

Deborah Miller wrote an excellent script for how to tap into love the article by using tapping and mental focusing. 

Sergio Serrano used the mental picture of a dream while focusing on the feeling behind the dream to discover and collapse important core issues. Read his article for a simple routine to follow to use mental focus and visualization when you apply EFT treatments to dreams.

Gary discusses mental focus related to sports and performance issues. -a very good read – enjoy! And don't forget to focus!

Why Doesn’t EFT Always Work?

From my inbox: Why doesn’t EFT ALWAYS work?  On occasion I can get it to help me calm down, but not always.  It doesn’t seem to help with my overeating at all.

I use EFT while driving to work in the morning (1 hour) and then I still eat when I shouldn’t.  Yes, it is stressful at work, but I want EFT to help me control it and so far I can’t seem to get it to do so.

There could be many reasons why EFT doesn’t work all the time. Gary has written extensively about this. By the way, I don’t know ANY technique that does what you want it to do 100% of the time. A skilled practitioner is going to have good results most of the time, and it can depend on how often and how effectively you are applying the technique.

Here’s my short list of reasons:

1. You may not be using EFT in the most effective way. For instance, tapping in the car could be interfering with your ability to mentally focus on the issue. While this method could be helpful, it’s probably not as effective as it could be.

2. There may be some aspect that you haven’t discovered yet. As Gary says, it can be hard to to distinguish between the relief already obtained and the stress still remaining. This happens frequently and can fool you into thinking “it doesn’t work.”

3. You aren’t getting to the core issue. That’s like tapping on the symptoms, but ignoring everything that’s causing them. For instance, you tap on food cravings alone, when the real issue is that you hate your job and you are overeating to stuff your feelings. When you only tap on the symptoms, you are not addressing any of the emotional issues that drive the food craving.

Here’s what to do: Try tapping on all the aspects of the stress at work. Tap on your fears, frustrations, stresses, feelings, and negative thoughts related to your job. You can also try tapping at other times besides when you are driving. Write down all the issues and tap daily. It does sound like you are being persistent, (which can be another reason for not getting results), so you may just need to fine tune what you are doing. With all the stress related to work, finances, housing and mortgage loanslately, your response is perfectly understandable. Don’t give up!

If You Aren’t Getting Results

If you aren’t getting the results you want with EFT, there could be many reasons for that.

If you get really stuck, one thing to try is to have someone do a guided session with you. I’ve heard many people (even very skilled practitioners) say that EFT works great for others, but not for their own issues. You can also find someone to trade sessions with. That person may think of something that you haven’t thought of, and you can do the same for them. It gives you another *lens* to look through. It’s a win – win!