EFT And A Painful Shoulder

Greetings Carol: I am a fellow EFT’r and I have been battling a painful frozen right shoulder since August. Last year I went through the same thing with left shoulder. I have been told everything from B12 to protein deficiency . . .

to possible auto-immune, and most recently, a BodyTalk practitioner told me that it’s because of feelings of being trapped and unable to spread my wings and fly. I think I probably need to look at all of them very carefully and consider that each one is a factor. However, that still hasn’t helped me with movement and pain. Would you have any suggestions energetically to help resolve this? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi Tom,

As you know, you can work on the pain and "frozenness" of the shoulder directly, and/or the emotional undercurrents that you think may be contributing to it. You can also see what comes up as you start to tap, and tap on specific events that may be contributing, knocking out a few trees in
the forest.

Tap on any and all of these specific events, even if they don’t seem logical.

Then, there’s is the secondary gain — what is to be gained by the shoulder being frozen? What is the upside of having a painful, frozen shoulder? Can you identify any way in which this is serving you?

Good luck! There is plenty to work with there!

Warm regards,


Carol Solomon
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2 thoughts on “EFT And A Painful Shoulder

  1. I have had so many wonderful experiences with eft, I truly think it can change peoples lives for the better, I know it has for myself and my family.
    I want to share this unique tool with as many people as I can. Thank you.

  2. Having had the same frozen shoulder condition I recommend Himalaya Cream which is available in India shops in NYC or on line from Rumalaya. It’s an Ayurvedic
    Only $9.00
    It really worked for this.
    Best Wishes

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