EFT and Pain Relief

This wonderful story from Danilo Baltodano in Montreal:

My grandma, an 85 years old lady who suffers from arthritis was complaining about huge pain on the back. She could not move her neck and could not sleep due to the pain.

I proposed her to massage her back to release a bit of stress so she can relax. I started by pinching the skin to warm up the upper back by stimulating blood circulation. To my surprise she got calm and stopped complaining (I thought she was sleeping).

Five minutes later she told me she was feeling better and asked me to stop. She sat on the bed; she told me that she was not able to move the neck to the back, due to the pain.

So while massaging the neck area I also started to massage the sore spot and started to repeat mentally the affirmation “Even though this pain is killing me I decide to simply relax and let it go.”

I did that at least 3 times and then to my surprise she said “I’m feeling well now.” She stood up and started to walk down the stairs. I try to apply EFT to every thing that involves emotions and it’s amazing how effective it is when practiced properly.

Carol Solomon
Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, Dr. Carol Solomon is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques to help people lose weight without dieting, stop binge eating, and reduce anxiety and stress. She is the author of 4 Books on Emotional Freedom Techniques, the EFT Tips Newsletter, the Binge Eating Teleseminar and the EFT Weight Loss CD. Carol has a thriving coaching practice and is passionate about helping others succeed.
Carol Solomon
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