Paul McKenna and EFT Revisited

I guess I created quite a stir with my post about Paul McKenna and EFT: Can He Make You Thin? Most people wrote to say that they agreed with me. I guess I’m not the only one who thought something was missing.

Some wrote to say that they were watching the show, but hadn’t begun to deal with their emotions, and Paul wasn’t really helping with that. Others were a bit miffed that EFT/TFT was only dealt with superficially (he doesn’t even call it EFT or TFT, only refers to it as tapping). And if he promoted and used EFT more for managing emotions, then his program would be far more effective. Yet another person noted that Paul uses methods on his cds that he’s not really telling you.

But the funniest email I received went something like this:

“Dear Carol, I agree with what you are saying, but unlike you, he’s not trying to sell me anything . . .”

NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING??? Too funny. Have you seen his website?

He’s not only going to make you thin . . . he’s going to make you rich, he’s going to make you confident, he’s going to make you stop smoking . . . Paul even has a program on how to be more persuasive (imagine that)! You can get the books, the cds, the dvds, the downloads, the books with the cds . . .

And I have no problem with that . . . he’s got some good strategies that will help a lot of people. But if you think he’s not trying to sell you anything . . . then he REALLY has you hypnotized!

Carol Solomon
Psychologist, Master Certified Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, Dr. Carol Solomon is one of the world’s leading experts in using Emotional Freedom Techniques to help people lose weight without dieting, stop binge eating, and reduce anxiety and stress. She is the author of 4 Books on Emotional Freedom Techniques, the EFT Tips Newsletter, the Binge Eating Teleseminar and the EFT Weight Loss CD. Carol has a thriving coaching practice and is passionate about helping others succeed.
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Carol Solomon

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7 thoughts on “Paul McKenna and EFT Revisited

  1. Carol, I recently received your CD on weight loss and think that it will be a great addition to the other things that I’m trying to do this time. I really LOVED the meditation at the end. Thanks for the effort to make weight loss a doable for me and others.
    McKenna is going to get some people wondering about EFT, maybe that is good. I just hope that he doesn’t make people think it is just tapping and nothing else. I looked at the price of his materials and just laughed! WOW what a deal! $45 for a book, which is reported to be quite small. I’ll stick to EFT and working the program!Rose

  2. Dear Carol,
    I am concerned that he is not allowing the attention to go to Gary Craig.
    He is the founder of EFT.
    My other concern is that he can’t make us do anything he is not God how dare him.
    I am working on being certified for EFT and he is decieving.
    Our bodies are created by a Perfect God and they are very capable of healing w/out our help.However, we all have alot of emotional
    problems I feel this is a resource to HELP others to free some of their emotional feelings.However, it is up to the student to do the work.
    Thank you,
    Debra Glenn

  3. I don’t mind anyone trying to sell me something as long as it actually works- and then I can decide if I can use it or not. More importantly, I need to know if it will work for ME. What this man has to sell (and he is hawking this stuff hard, believe me) is nothing new. He hasn’t found “The Secret” or the Holy Grail- just poorly presented odds and ends that I already knew! I’ve been following Paul McKenna’s show for the past few weeks, and I’ve learned to skip at least 35 minutes of “shilling” until he gets to his “technique.” His real forte is hypnosis, but he since he can’t legally hypnotize the audience, he skips that part (but wait till you get to his website!) Do his techniques work? It’s like buying a car without the engine. I was truly miffed when he tried to present EFT as “tapping.” He mentions Roger Callahan oh so briefly but fails to mention Gary Craig (which to me is practically criminal.)McKenna’s “tapping” was most incomplete and all it does is make you feel a little calmer, but it doesn’t “stick.” As Ms. Solomon rightly says, McKenna completely skips over the emotional reasons why people overeat. And last week’s technique to speed up your metabolism and get you to start “moving” (exercise) with unbelievable joy and vigor didn’t work for me at all. I had already read of the lawsuits he had to fight In England- and while he won it defintely tarnished his image- thus- America! By the way, does McKenna look as if he ever had a weight problem? Yes, he is seriously balding and isn’t very attractive, but he seems to look rather fit in that suit. And each week, he always manages to find that one person in that large audience who starts wailing within two seconds…so, that’s it for me because I am tired of being manipulated.

  4. I was hearing all this hoopla about this Paul McKenna and I had not seen the show yet. Well, it came on a Saturday evening and I watched it. I was so upset, but thought I must be missing something and decided to give it another viewing. The second show was more of the same. I think he is doing a disservice to EFT/TFT and dishonoring Gary Craig and the great work these techniques can provide. I hope we nip it in the bud before this gets too far out of hand. I don’t recommend anyone to watch his show. The audience is mostly staged like an info-commercial..I just dislike it so much.

  5. Hello all you judgemental people who put down without knowing the facts. I DID the Paul McKenna practitioner course and it was one of my top ten experiences ever…..
    He is kind and genuine. Full on because he is passionate about what he is doing. On his shirtails I have a great practice. Some cultures pat you on the back when you do well in life and some say who do you think you are….. Paul showed me ‘Tapping’
    and said go learn EFT because I only got a glimpse of it from my girlfriend who was fighting chocolate….. if that did not send people flying to look up EFT and TFT I don’t know what did.

  6. Dear Carol, I second Rose Enyeart’s comments. The CD is brilliant and manages to touch on (for me) a number of important aspects. And I like the meditation too. And as far as Paul McKemnna is concerned why should we sit in judgement on him. Better to apply Gary Craig’s frequent admonition. “He’s doing the best he can.” Keep up the good work Carol. You’re a star. Regards Francis

  7. I don’t feel that Paul McKenna’s show stands to do any harm to anyone. His four golden rules are common sense (which obviously isn’t so common in our clean-your-plate world). I had done tapping (learned at to hearing it on Paul’s show. Yet, he at least demonstrated how to apply it to a specific situation.
    No, he doesn’t touch on every emotional cause of overeating. Rather, he gives you ways to start losing the weight while you deal with those causes. He can only do so much from a one hour television program, especially when you consider the red tape (i.e. the disclaimer at the beginning) involved.
    And, personally, I think some emotional problems are best handled by moving forward. Not staying rooted in the past trying to figure it all out. This is based on my own experiences, however, and everyone is different.
    That said, I started using his rules after the first episode and have lost 11 pounds. I am more energetic and don’t obsess over food or my body. It’s liberating. 🙂
    It sounds like you are really helping people here. I hope you continue to do so, but don’t tear others down along the way for trying to do the best they can to help people, too.

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