3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills

eft-ice-cream-cravings3 Emotional Eating Coping Skills: Consider these facts about emotional eating:

  1. Almost all diets are broken because of “emotional distress.”
  2.  Most overeating occurs in the state of “tense tiredness.”
  3.  The highest predictor of obesity is an environment of “uncertainty and insecurity.”

Emotional Eating can be disastrous to your body and to your confidence. In order to make progress, coping skills for eating disorders need to be firmly in place. Coping without food is not always easy at first. Tapping can help you curb  emotional eating, but there are other skills you can add as well.

Managing negative feelings and stress is an essential skill for weight loss. Whether you use tapping or not, you simply can’t keep weight off without being able to manage stress! Luckily, emotional eating coping skills are a set of skills you can learn, practice and improve over time.

If you often wonder “Why an I an emotional eater?” or “Why do people eat emotionally?,” listen to this audio to learn about the triggers for overeating and ways to cope without turning to food. You’ll learn to build eating and coping mechanisms right into your day.

Join me as I share 3 essential emotional skills for weight loss that can help make your tapping more effective.

Boost your emotional toolbox!

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